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Share Your Writings!

Share Your Writings!!

Share your Writings!

Most of us have been affected by abortion.

Do you want to share an abortion-related news story or an opinion piece?

Have you faced an unplanned or crisis pregnancy? Have a loved one who has?

Did you choose abortion? Enabled someone else to make this choice?

Do the circumstances of your conception make you question your identity? Were you unplanned? Conceived in an extramarital affair? In rape? Incest? Born with a “birth defect?

Share your writings! Active in helping end abortion? Travel the world and speak? Lobby Congress for babies and moms in crisis? Work in a pregnancy resource center? Maintain pro-life websites, blogs, or mobile apps? Partner in prayer to end abortion?

If you hold that the unborn should be protected and have been affected by abortion in any way, write a guest post here.

!). Be respectful and sensitive as well as you defend the lives of the unborn.

2). Try to post at least 700 words, approximately one page.

3). Feel free to post your image. But if the image isn’t your own, give proper attribution. Exceptions: Public domain photos, or CCO photos, like those on Pixabay or Unsplash.com,we are only safe if we give proper attribution.

4). Feel to stay anonymous, if you feel comfortable doing that. But I want your email so I’ll feel assured that I’m not being spammed. Spammers love even pro-life websites!

5). Thank you for sharing your life and your experiences with abortion!

6). Feel free to share pro-life news articles or opinion pieces!

Share your writings! As long as they’re abortion-related I’ll consider them. It doesn’t matter if they are personal experience, news stories or opinion writing.

-Lisa DeSherlia-

Guest Posts

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