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This is the obvious but unappealing option if you’re facing an unwanted pregnancy.

Crisis Pregnancy And

Parenting is the last thing a mom in crisis wants. That’s why her pregnancy is unplanned or unwanted. If you want and plan your child, it’s hard enough. The future is unpredictable and we never know what the future holds. But when the pregnancy is unplanned or unwanted? A conception in a less than ideal situation? And no one wants you that way? The last thing you think about is raising the child. This is why Planned Parenthood is a booming business. For the same reason, this is why pregnancy resource centers have sprung up and outnumber Planned Parenthood facilities. PP exists just to eliminate what is believed to be a “problem” while only attacking symptoms. Pregnancy resource centers seek to ge rid of the problem without getting rid of the child. They go for root causes.

Pregnancy resource centers tell us that most women who choose life, decide to raise their babies. They’re willing to take on the struggles of child-rearing, rather than tear apart that maternal bond through adoption. Even though it may not be best for either of them.

Challenes N Drawbacks

Raising a child is always a challenge. Even in ideal circumstances. But when the pregnancy is unplanned or unwanted? And the living situation is difficult? That makes parenting that much harder. It’s the right choice for many moms and babies. Many have been able to make it work. Because of this, pregnancy resource centers usually offer parenting classes, as moms often choose to raise their babies. That’s why these centers usually serve the dads, trying to help them become responsible fathers. Centers stay on top of all the relevant social services out there, to help families in needed. From what I understand, these centers often will help mom and baby until her child reaches the age of three.

I have seen many instances of single moms who made parenting work. It certainly isn’t easy. In a perfect world, single parenting would never exist. Dads would raise the children they father. Moms would never abort their babies. Everyone would want their children. However, we don’t live in this kind of world. Thank God we have these centers.

Positives N Rewards

No parent in crisis would choose parenting, if it didn’t have its rewards. Many of these parents end up wanting their babies during the course of their pregnancies. They usually find the experience of parenting, a maturing and empowering experience. Women often will talk about how they regret their abortions. But you will rarely hear any mom who chooses life, express regret over doing so. And when women say, “I would have had an abortion if…,” they’re revealing that they’ve bought into this culture’s view of children as burdens. Children are indeed a responsibility, and can be a pain in the neck. They can try your patience and break your heart. But in most instances, raising children is rewarding.

Interested in parenting? A pregnancy resource center will give you all the love, support, and resources you need, to choose life for their baby.

Find your local pregnancy resource center here, at the top of this page.

Find your local pregnancy resource center at the bottom of this page.

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