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Culture calls this your first alternative.
Is it?

What It Is

Abortion. You know what it is. So do I. So does almost anyone who has reached the age of reason. If you are 44 or younger, all you have known is this as a right. If it’s legal it has to be okay. You have heard of it as a “choice.” As a “reproductive right.” As “bodily autonomy.” And as “reproductive freedom.” Yet no one likes to utter this word. I know I don’t. None of us do. That’s because we know that, deep don, it does a profound, major thing. It terminates something that is wholly natural and healthy. A pregnancy. Even more, have you considered what else it terminates? A person. A person who is as alive as her mom. So when we’re talking about ending a pregnancy, we’re talking about ending the life of a baby.

Termination may seem like your best choice. It may seem like the only option you have. When you have no support to do what is best for you and your baby, what is natural? Take care of your crisis. End it! When you’re facing a hardship situation or are young or single, I sympathize. When we’re in crisis and we’re faced with additional responsibility, what’s our first thought? We’want to lessen our burden and suffering. And a baby is a responsibility!

Its Temporary Positives

Let’s face it. Abortion appears like instant gratification. When we’re facing a crisis. It seems to be relieving ourselves of a responsibility. One that we don’t feel we can bear. At least at this time. It seems to cover up a poor choice that we made. How about what other people will think? What about conceiving as single people or in an affair? We don’t want others to know. I suspect that much more often, others use women to protect reputations. If one conceives in rape or incest, abortion protects the perpetrator. Never the victim! The termination hides the crime or the abuse. In man cases, pregnancy termination protects the reputations of those who don’t want to lose their “standing” in their communities. But it doesn’t protect mom or her baby!

A crisis pregnancy is always tragic and hard. Any girl or woman and those close to her need love and support. Tons of it. Encouragement to do what is best for her and baby. But does abortion really solve anything?

What It Does

What does abortion do? I can’t provide any detailed info here about what it actually does. I plan to do a researched piece on how a baby develops, based on a primary source. For now, let me say that most women abort their babies in the first trimester of their pregnancy, as termination is easiest to do and undergo then. There is an “abortion pill” known as RU-486. When women terminate in the first weeks, as soon as they learn of an unwanted pregnancy, abortion poses the fewest risks to her. Physically, that is. Later, though, especially around 20 months, science tells us a baby can feel pain. And that’s also when abortion become more dangerous for women. In those later terminations, they use several methods. One dismembers the baby. Limb by limb. Another method consists of poisoning a baby. This is known as saline termination. A salt solution is used to do this. Then, we know about aborting a baby about to be born. This is known as a partial-birth abortion.

Its Consequences

Termination’s consequences may not immediate. This doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have repercussions. I can’t honestly claim to have experienced an abortion of my own. Thanks to the grace of God! But I know people who have ended their pregnancies. I have done much research on what post-abortive women experience. I have read a thoroughly researched book about the physical and emotional effects termination has on many women. The book is called Complications: Abortion’s Impact on Women. Co-written by Angela Lanfranchi, Ian Gentles, and Elizabeth Ring-Cassidy, it discusses all its findings from a purely scientific perspective. Free of politics or religion. They prove that termination of pregnancy transcends any ideology.

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The above photo is courtesy of Human Coalition.

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