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Pregnant? Need Help?

Pregnant? Need Help?

You have hopes and dreams for your life. But you learned that you’re pregnant.

You’re happily married but not ready to have children-yet.

You have a busy, active social life in college. You’re working hard on your studies.

You had a prenatal test and the doctor has bad news. The baby has a poor prenatal diagnosis.

You have no money, no job, or transportation. You can’t have this baby you’re carrying.

Your parents have told you: “Don’t ever come home pregnant!” And you are!

You don’t welcome this pregnancy from rape. How can you have this child who’s the reminder of your trauma?

Your pregnancy is high-risk because of your Type 1 diabetes. Is it wise to carry to term?

You’re carrying a multiple pregnancy. Should you have “selective reduction” to protect the remaining babies?

Pregnant? Need Help?
What Should You Do?

All of these scenarios can scare you. They make the addition of a child a major stressor at best. In this culture, abortion may seem the best and smartest answer. You can go back to your life. Just like before! No one need know that you ever got pregnant. You’re told that it’s your reproductive right. You’re told that it’s your own business. Not anyone else’s. You’re told that you have the right to control your own body. You’re even told that abortion is health care. The term “abortion services” and abortion care” are common terms. But, wait a minute. Aren’t you forgetting something or someone? Most of the mainstream media are just telling you one side of the story.

Pregnant? Need Help?
The Baby Inside You

If you’re pregnant, guess what you are carrying? A tiny human being. It doesn’t matter if your developing baby is smaller than a period. If you’re pregnant, you’ve already reproduced. So who has the reproductive right? If you’re pregnant, is it only your business if you have this baby? What about her father?? What about her grandparents? If you’re pregnant, you have another body inside your body. Your baby’s. You have the right to control your own body. But when you’re pregnant, another body is involved. When you’re pregnant, you’re one patient. The baby inside you is the second patient. Yes, I know that realizing that this inconvenient baby has the right t live, doesn’t make your situation easier. Society, more often than not, will encourage you to take the easy way out.

Pregnant? Need Help?
You Have Options

Would it be any easier if I tell you that there are alternatives to abortion? At the bottom of this page, I’m going to share them with you. First, don’t believe the media hype that pregnancy resource centers (PRCs) are “fake clinics.” These centers are funded by donors and usually staffed by volunteers. They take no federal funds. Though they don’t do abortions or refer for them, these centers will do everything to help you with parenting or adoption. They provide services which are usually free. These include pregnancy tests and ultrasounds. These include a wide variety of social and medical referrals. These services include maternity clothes, baby clothes, and supplies. Centers offer counseling and other services.

Pregnant? Scared? Need Help?
More about Your Options

You may have heard that these centers don’t provide “comprehensive services” or “abortion care.” Again, these centers aren’t abortion providers or abortion referral services. An abortion would cost you hundreds of dollars, as federal government funds don’t cover abortion. It’s true that because of the current SCOTUS ruling, abortions may be more accessible to women. You may be able to take a couple of pills to abort your baby. But the fact remains that abortion kills babies. Abortion may free you technically. It won’t free you emotionally or spiritually. Please think twice before opting for a permanent, unalterable “solution,” abortion–for a temporary condition–pregnancy. You’ll be pregnant for only nine months. This may seem like an eternity to you now, but an abortion will take your baby’s whole life. It may furnish you long-term pain.
Do you want this?

Below here’s a list of resources offering abortion alternatives.

Find a pregnancy resource center in your area. Enter your zip code in the bottom left. Find the pregnancy center nearest to you. These centers usually provide totally free services.

You can call toll-free: 1-800-712-HELP(4357). You will be connected to a pregnancy resource center. These centers offer all their services free and confidential. They offer pregnancy tests, counseling, and ultrasounds. They will not tell you what to do but will go over all your options. They offer medical and social referral services. They offer maternity clothes, baby clothes, and toys. They offer diapers and other supplies.
You can text “Helpline” to 313131.

Lifeline This website is also devoted to pregnant girls and women in crisis.

You can call toll-free: 1-800-662-2678

You can text SHELTER to 313131.

Email: mail@lifecall.org

Stand Up Girl This is a website devoted to those facing crisis pregnancies. They have a chat feature, info about all your options and a forum.
You can text PREGNANT to 313131.
Center Locator. You can enter your zip code at the top of this webpage and locate your nearest pregnancy resource center.


Contact me and I’ll provide support!

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    1. There were many things that no one ever told me, like how I could afford to keep my child. No one told me that a father would be forced to pay child support, or that a father paying child support suddenly becomes interested in his children.

      No one told me about tax credits for families, that increase your take home pay. And certainly no one told me that food stamps would keep us from starving.

      I pushed back against my boyfriend and chose life, but I also chose adoption. You don't have to make that choice. If you're working, you won't starve.

      • Hello, Elizabeth Jean:

        I was not able to reply to your comment until now. I’m glad that you chose life, despite the lack of support. IN fighting for the unborn, we should also fight for their parents in crisis, and create a culture where they’ll feel empowered and supported to choose life for their babies.

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