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Made Abortion Choice? Want Healing?

Made Abortion Choice? Want Healing?

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You’ve had an abortion. Maybe you’ve had more than one abortion.

You’re parents who pressured your daughter into an abortion she didn’t really want.

You’re a husband or boyfriend who drove her to get the abortion done. You may have even paid for it.

You may be an abortion worker. You’re not proud of what you do. But you have to work for your keep.

You’re a doctor or counselor who advised a patient to get an abortion, thinking you were helping.

You had a therapeutic abortion, but you wonder if you could have chosen life for your baby. What would have been?

You may regret your actions and choices. Or you may, because of this culture, not regret your abortion or role in it at all. You may be suppressing or repressing your feelings. This society doesn’t let you grieve a child lost to abortion. How can you mourn what isn’t human? How can you mourn a clump of cells? I know people who have had abortions. I know people who have coerced others into abortions. I see the damage that it has done. These people meant well. They thought they were solving problems. They thought they were being compassionate. In the short run, abortion seems to free you. It may do this physically. Emotionally and spiritually, abortion can bring long-term pain.

I may not have had an abortion. But I have sinned differently. I still do. We are all sinners and we all have different sins that we battle. So your abortion or your role in it are no worse than my sins or anyone’s sins. The challenge with abortion is that this culture will try to convince you that you just made a choice. You just exercised your reproductive right. You were exerting control over your body. You were just receiving women’s health care. But all this ignores the fact that in every pregnancy, two lives are involved. It’s sad, though, that most in the Church are silent on abortion. Pastors fear that they’ll lose loyal members if they’re seen as “getting political.” This is understandable but it does a great disservice to members who may be dealing with unwanted pregnancies. It also hurts those who have paarticpated in or had abortions.

You may regret your abortion but fear that you have no one to turn to. I have been there, not because of abortion but because of other reasons. You no doubt feel confusion, grief, guilt, shame, even despair because of your abortion or your role in it. Though I haven’t had an abortion, I have experienced all these feelings for other reasons. But there are resources that offer services that can put you on the path to healing. You need to reach out for them. Unlike Planned Parenthood or other abortion providers, prolife people will be there for you after your abortion. We want you to find redemption. That’s because we are prolife about all people’s lives-born and unborn. You may be one of those who doesn’t regret your role in abortion, or the abortion (s) you have had. In that case, all I can do is pray that you’ll want to get help.

I have included a number of resources below. Among them are pregnancy resource centers (s). Though these centers exist to save babies and mos from abortion, they also serve those who have had abortions. They offer counseling and other services. Planned Parenthood may claim to care for women, but why aren’t they there for you after your abortion?

Project Rachel This is a website devoted to postabortive women. Here you an share your story, find information as well as support. You’ll know you aren’t alone.

Elliot Institute This website is full of information about abortion. You can also post on their online threads or find help and support.

Find A Pregnancy Center You can contact your local pregnancy resource center and find help and counseling to work through your abortion and surrounding issues.

You can call 1-866-469-7326 toll-free.

Help for Abortion Workers This is a one-of-a-kind outreach to those abortion workers who want to leave the abortion industry. Many services are offered. Pro-bono legal services are offered. They provide enough to live on for a month. They help former abortion workers re-train for and find other jobs. They provide spiritual and emotional support. Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood Director, founded this unique ministry.

Memorial for the Unborn This is a nonprofit that provides resources to allow those who are post-abortive to grieve the children they lost to abortion. Names are given to these children and they are humanized and allowed their dignity.

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