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Saving: Definition

Saving: Definition

Saving: definition?

Culture accuses pro-lifers of being “anti-women.”

What is the definition for saving from abortion?

Saving babies?

Saving moms and dads?

Saving: Definition
Save from Abortion

Saving: definition? No one argues the need to support those in crisis. The debate comes in who to save and how to save them. From a crisis pregnancy? Or from the crisis? And this includes women facing unplanned or crisis pregnancies. When women are suffering hardships in their lives, a baby seems more like a burden than a blessing. When she is a teen, single, poverty-stricken, or facing other adversity, she’s likely to be upset if she deals with a pregnancy. If she has a major health condition or is a victim of rape or abuse, often she’s unhappy at the idea of a baby. Unfortunately, We differ with how best to show support for women, especially in the last three situations. Even if we oppose abortion (as we should), we must not do that in a vacuum. If we take this away, which we should, we must provide her with alternatives.

When we quit a bad habit, we need a better choice. If we aren’t presented with a better choice, we’ll go back to the habit. Or we’ll replace it with another bad habit. This is how it works with abortion or any other poor choice. You can’t save a person from a poor choice unless you offer alternatives. THat is how life works.

Saving: Definition
How Does Abortion Support Women?

Saving: definition? Our culture sees Planned Parenthood as women’s best friend. Almost as her savior. In this scenario, how about saving babies and men involved also? Abortion affects so many people. Most amongst us see abortion as a back-up for women. After all, should they be forced to carry to birth a baby they don’t want? Should a rape victim or abuse victim be forced to carry to term? How cruel to force such a thing on her! No one is denying that dealing with a pregnancy for nine months, making a plan for her baby, and carrying to term, is easy. No women should ever have to deal with a crisis pregnancy. Abstinence isn’t easy outside marriage. But it beats the horrific consequences of unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases! Many may think: Why talk about saving women or men from abortion? Let alone what they call fetuses? Let me reframe this question: What about alternatives? If people knew about them, would they be so quick to choose abortion?

How does abortion show support for women? Choosing life doesn’t just save babies. It saves moms and dads. We don’t argue that it temporarily frees her from an unwanted responsibility. But what does it do for her in return? It makes her a mom who lost her baby. A baby who died at the hand of someone who took an oath to do no harm! She’ll have lasting guilt, even if she represses it. She’ll have grief she won’t be able to express. SHe may have physical side effects from her abortion. Is this support?

What about finding alternatives? Anyone reading this can visit the pages. You can enter your zip code. And you can find a local pregnancy resource center. Most of the people who staff these centers are volunteers. Often they are volunteer professionals.

Visit this page for alternatives. Enter your zip code at the bottom left of this web page.

Visit this page for alternatives. Enter your zip code at the top of this page and discover local alternatives.

-Lisa DeSherlia-

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