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Protecting: Defined


Protect Babies: Defintion
Our Goal is Protection

A ban is to protect a people group. What does it mean to protect? I guess it’s obvious. Protecting means to guard something or someone from harm. Protecting means to shield a person or thing from something bad. To protect is to keep or make the at-risk party safe. It means the prevention of wrong being done to a potential victim. I don’t want to bore you with the obvious. But to make it clear, we’re banning abortion only to protect people. Do we do this because we believe we know what is best for them? Do we want to deprive others the right to choose? Sadly, culture sees us as wanting to take a right away. But we realize that a short-term solution can result in long-term pain, loss, and sorrow. Observation, experience, and research have made this clear.

Protect Babies: Definition
Babies and the Right to Live

We want to protect babies. Protect them from what? From abortion. What does abortion do to babies? It takes their lives before they are born. A pregnancy is a pregnancy because a woman is hosting another person in her body. This person has a body of his or her own. So, to terminate a pregnancy does more than end the pregnancy. That choice ends the life of a tiny human being. And, much research makes clear that abortion is a violent way to die. I can link you to videos that can show you what takes place in an abortion. It isn’t pretty. In fact, it’s ugly and brutal. And we can prevent it from happening. This proves to be enough to make is want to demand that babies be protected.

Protect Babies: Definition
Not Anti-Women or Anti-Choice

The title of this site will cause many visitors to think that we want to take basic rights away. The right to choose. The right to bodily autonomy. The right to equality with men. Now, I know and sympathize with the reality that pregnancy can be really difficult. No woman should have to face a crisis or unwanted pregnancy. Yet many do. And our culture has brainwashed women and their families about abortion. Abortion is as institutionalized now, as racism once was. (And racism is far from dead!). We who identify as pro-lifers have much work to do. Stripping Planned Parenthood of federal funds is only the beginning of this work. We’re far from doing away with abortion. And babies are far from safe inside their pregnant moms.

-Lisa DeSherlia-

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