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Never Abortion: Definition

Never Abortion: Definition

Never Abortion: Definition.

We need to clarify what these words mean.

Never. Abortion.

Never Abortion: Definition
Never In Context

Never is an absolute word. In most cases, we understand that there are two word that aren’t wise to use. Always or never. In some contexts the use of absolute terminology may be okay. Even right. That’s when lives are involved. In abortion, lives are involved. Most obviously, the life of the unborn baby is involved. Abortion will take away her entire physical life. In fact, abortion robs some 3200 Americans of life, daily. Before they can be born. But abortion also involves other lives, though this is less obvious. This choice also involves the lives of the moms and dads of these babies. It causes problems for them long-term. Grief over the life that was lost. Guilt that the life was lost at their hand. Shame that keeps them silent. In the case of the mom, she may experience physical complications like infertility and complications in future pregnancies.

The lives of others are involved. When abortion is normalized as termination of pregnancy, something gets lost. Lives of others get cheaper. Now the lives of older, infirm, or dying people have been cheapened. That’s why euthanasia has been legalized in some states. And some politicians are advocating for it to be the law of the land in the U.S. Oh, they don’t call it euthanasia. They call it “death with dignity.” Abortion has opened the door for the cheapening of already-born lives. Our culture doesn’t call it abortion. Much less killing. They call it choice. Bodily autonomy. Reproductive freedom. Women’s equality and health care. If you know that your mom had a past abortion, what would you think? If you knew she would have had one if it had been legal, what would you think? Would you question the sanctity of your life? Or her value of your life?

Never Abortion: Definition
No Exceptions

Abortion is considered a viable option when people face unplanned pregnancies. Many seem to think of it as the only option. Most in that situation will initially think of abortion first when they ponder their options. But when you’re in panic mode, you don’t think clearly. And even many who oppose abortion, have “exceptions.” They favor abortions for rape and incest victims. When a poor prenatal diagnosis is suspected, they may support exceptions. The health of the mom? Exceptions. The exception that seems to be most humane as an exception, is the life of the mother. Surely she should not be forced to carry a pregnancy that may kill her? Indeed, many think, even say: Why should anyone be forced to carry a baby they don’t want? Why compulsory pregnancy, as they call it?

In the past, I had the “life of the mother” exception.” Maybe at one time, before the discoveries of science, abortion may have been a plausible answer. Maybe before advanced medical technology, terminating a pregnancy may have made sense. Or else both mom and baby would die. It seems downright insensitive to women and their very real concerns, not to have a “life of the mother” clause in any pro-life legislation. I used to think so, and part of me still has a visceral reaction when advocates declare that “not even the life of the mother is a qualifier.” Instead of debating about the past, though, we should be thankful for all the advances in science and technology.

Never Abortion: Definition
Alternatives Always Possible

Alternatives can always be found today. Thanks to technology and scientific findings, people facing unplanned pregnancies need never turn to abortion. Thanks to countless caring volunteers, generous donors and advocates, they can find resources. In the sad cases of rape and incest victims, adoption is available if they don’t feel emotionally able to raise a child that reminds them of their trauma. There’s no denying that choosing life will be hard for her and for her family. But the baby is a victim also, and has a life that shouldn’t be denied. In the case of those who may be born with special needs, why do so many terminate their pregnancies? If only these parents knew about resources, they would be less likely to turn to abortion. And what about technology? Doctors can do wonders with such children, even with conjoined twins (those born joined at the head). But if not, children with special needs often live happy lives and always have things to teach those around them.

Alternatives exist also for the health of the mother. Advanced medical technology make it possible for moms with virtually any kind of medical problem to carry children. The health of the mother exception can become a slippery slope. Health is a pretty inclusive word. If used as an exception, doctors can code mental illnesses as exceptions. They can code any medical diagnosis as an exception, under this term, “heath of the mother.” Even the imminent threat to the life of the mom need no longer be reason to seek an abortion. Today, in such a rare instance where her life is in immediate danger, she can deliver her baby early, or have an emergency C-Section. There are life-saving surgeries for cancer in pregnancy, or ectopic pregnancy. Even if these cause the baby to die, you cannot call such surgeries abortions.

I choose NeverAbortion because it’s pro-woman, pro-baby, and pro-life. For all affected by abortion. And the mission remains the same as it always has been.

-Lisa DeSherlia-

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