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Best Choices 4 Women

Best Choices 4 Women

Women have the right to choose!

Women should get to do what they want with their bodies!

Best Choices 4 Women
What Is Choice?

Choice is a good thing. All of us support choice. What is choice? It’s being able to make decisions about our lives. To make them freely. To make these decisions with freedom and information. Freedom to make another choice. Information about alternatives to the choice presented to you. In most restricted countries outside the West, people lack the freedom to choose. They can’t speak freely or come or go as they please. If they choose a minority religion or political ideology, they get risk persecution. Government harassment. Arrests. Imprisonment. Even death. Yes, the right to choose freely is a right for which much blood has been shed.

What about women’s reproductive choices? The choice about how many children to have is a deeply personal choice. I won’t argue this! No one has any right to tell someone else how many children to have. We have no right to stigmatize those who are childless or have one child. Many times, this isn’t by choice. Also, we have no right to make fun of those who have large families or brand them as “breeders.”

Best Choices 4 Women
Abortion As A Choice

Before conception starts, reproductive choice is central. When a woman conceives, someone else’s ife is involved. Usually, the average woman doesn’t know she’s pregnant until after six weeks. This is why so many oppose the Heartbeat Bill, which makes all abortion illegal after six weeks.
But how did culture ever come to see abortion as a choice? Much of it is because of our cultural values of nihilism, individualism, and consumerism. These, combined with ignorance of abortion alternatives, give the perfect recipe for seeing abortion as a choice. We’ve taken our freedoms of thought and choice too far. Babies and their moms are paying the price. Babies in losing their physical lives. Moms in often unknowingly losing children they didn’t know about how to find or access alternatives.

Women often turn to abortion because they feel they have no other choice. They get no support from the important people in their lives. Often, families coerce or lure their daughters into aborting their babies. Usually, these families also are uninformed about alternatives. So these women actually aren’t making free or informed choices. Have they been told about the risks of abortion? Has anyone shared with them about fetal development? What about showing them an ultrasound of their babbies?

Best Choices 4 Women
Finding Best Choices 4 Women

I’ll all for any woman’s right to choose. Foor their rights to do what they want with their bodies. For their equality with men in all respects. For reproductive freedom. But the pro-life movement is widely viwed as “anti-choice.” All because we want to remove abortion access. We must give women this strong message: We don’t want to take away any choice you should not have in the first place! We want to work with you, so you’ll have better choices! Your best choices! When a new life is conceived, reproduction has already happened. A life has already started. In cases like this, encouraging women to abort their babies shows no regard for the major long-term consequences to them. Not to mention the lives of their babies. But so many in our society have been conditioned to view abortion as “pro-women”. Because of its short-term benefits and ignorance of alternatives.

And what are these alternatives? Everyone knows about Planned Parenthood. This corporation is widely respected and even gets public funding. It’s true that, because of the Hyde Amendment, no public dollars go directly to abortions. But funds go to their other “family planning” services, like birth control. This includes oral contraceptives, which can act as abortifacients. Why is it that there’s so much ignorance about the many pregnancy resource centers? These centers provide many resources, usually free, which give women and others in their lives, all they need to face crisis or unplanned pregnancies. These centers provide pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, and counseling. They offer maternity clothes, baby clothes, and supplies, They give referrals to adoption services, pro-life doctors, and social and family services. They are also there for those who have had abortions, unlike Planned Parenthood.

I’m pro-woman as well as pro-baby. Hence this page.

-Lisa DeSherlia-

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