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Banning: Defined

Banning Defined

Banning: defined.

Banning: Defined

Ban Abortion Protect Babies.

It’s no longer the page name. But the principle and mission are the same.

Banning: Defined
The Definition of Ban

The meaning of the word ban is clear. It means to abolish something. Get rid of it totally. Do away with it. Shun it. Dispose of it. Remove it from our midst. So this website’s express aim is to help ban a perceived evil. Yet this site isn’t just about banning something to remove it from among us. Our desire for a ban is to serve society. To protect people. Even from themselves. Because we believe we know what is best? Sadly, many see it that way. No. Because we want what is best for certain people groups. We are, or should be, willing to make sacrifices for trying to achieve our goal.

I have changed the website name. It has been BanAbortionProtectBabies. I thought it was too long. And exclusive only to babies. I made the switch to NeverAbortion. That name is shorter. And it’s more inclusive. We can include in its scope not just the babies, but also their moms and dads. Abortion affects them also. So does making the choice for life. So the new name makes sense. Yet the mission remains the same. To ban abortion. Protect babies. And also save their moms and dads from abortion.

Banning: Defined
Abortion: What We Desire to Ban

Ban abortion. What do we want to get rid of? To abolish? To remove from our midst? To put away? To divorce ourselves from? Abortion. That word is emotionally loaded and, to lots of us, unspeakable. “We won’t go there,” and “We can’t touch that” and “It’s above my pay grade.” Most of us feel skittish about even uttering the word abortion. I get it. It’s understandable! Mentioning abortion often gets us in hot water. Not just among abortion supporters. Amazingly, supposedly pro-life Christians give us grief, or dismiss us, if we want to discuss abortion.
Yet if we believe that abortion kills human beings, we’ve got an obligation to talk about it. To ban it, you and I must “go there” and “touch that.”

Banning: Defined
Beyond Defunding Planned Parenthood

We must not stop at defunding Planned Parenthood. That measure would just be a move in the right direction. Taxpayers shouldn’t have to see their $$$ go to the largest provider of abortion, which terminates lives. Banning abortion goes beyond a defunding of the abortion giant. But it’s not the ultimate goal. Oor goal is to create a society where no one even thinks of getting an abortion. Or helping another person get make that choice.. Those facing crisis pregnancies should think first of choosing life for their babies. Not a choice of hopelessness or fear. So this isn’t a negative mission we’re on. This consists of a positive call to create a culture of life. For babies. For moms and dads. And for us all.

-Lisa DeSherlia-

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