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Killing babies before they’re born has been “legal” since 1973. Despite the finest efforts of many in the prolife movement, it’s still legal to abort babies before they’re able to exit the birth canal. One hideous procedure is euphemistically called “partial-birth abortion.” This simply and bluntly, means killing a baby as she is being born. It’s infanticide! In other words, abortion is “legal” for all nine months of pregnancy. Up to the moment of birth! Over forty-plus years, prolife advocates have been able to get incremental measures passed in certain states. States have passed legislation to ban abortions after 20 weeks. Some states have defunded Planned Parenthood in their states. They usually re-direct the funds to comprehensive health clinics where abortions aren’t done. States have been passing laws to “regulate” Planned Parenthood, but this smacks of sanitizing child murder, making it cleaner. States have passed other incremental laws However, in the U.S. alone, abortion continues to takes the lives of babies daily. Abortion continues to hurt those who are affected by it: the moms, dads, grandparents, all abortion workers, and anyone else who participates in it.

I have one petition and on three platforms. The PetitionSite. Change.org. Causes. The more platforms this petition is on the more effective I think it can be. This petition calls for abortion to be banned outright. It calls for the overturning of Roe vs. Wade. It calls for protection for baabies from conception right up to birth. It calls for this protection to be extended to babies conceived in rape or incest. It calls for protection for babies with a poor prenatal diagnosis. This petition calls for abortion alternatives to be strengthened. It calls for strengthening of adoption laws. It calls for more and better subsidies for qualified adoptive parents. It calls for Planned Parenthood to be defunded. It calls for funds to be released to comprehensive health clinics that don’t do abortions. This petition also calls for legislating a two-year temporary foster care option. This would open up a third option for those facing crisis pregnancies. We can’t ban abortion without creating a society where it won’t even be wanted. That’s what this petition is about.

None of this will be done overnight. Knowing this, we still need to let politicians hear our voices. We need to let them know what we, the people, want. We need to let them know that we don’t want abortion! We want as much legal protection for the unborn as we want for ourselves. We want rights for them as much as we want these rights for ourselves. We can’t give up as long as this holocaust is raging in our midst! We need to keep letting our voices be heard. The idea behind this petition is to make our voices heard. THe more we make noise for the unborn, the more politicians will eventually have to listen to us! However, this can’t be done unless we actually add our names to this petition. This can’t be done unless we circulate this petition among all those who care about advocating for the unborn.

Please SIGN or CIRCULATE this petition on ThePetitonSite. CLICK HERE to do so.

Please SIGN or CIRCULATE this petition on Change.org. CLICK HERE to do so.

Please SIGN or CIRCULATE this petition on Causes. CLICK HERE to do so.

There are those who insist that petitions don’t make any difference. I’ve been told that politicians need to see us in person to hear us. However, like myself, many people don’t have the funds or time to travel to lobby politicians. For those of us without the luxury of time or money to travel, signing and ciculating petition can help. If we leave comments with our signatures we can be even more effective. We don’t know how effective our efforts to make a difference can be. But if we don’t try, nothing will get done!

And babies will continue to die.

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