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Abortion, T Church N Getting Offended

Abortion, Christians N Getting Offended

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Abortion, Pastors N Getting Offended


Abortion, the Church N getting offended?
We don’t want to turn people off!
The topic is too divisive!
I’ll lose members if I talk about it!
I’ll lose friends if I bring it up!
We’re not supposed to get political in our parishes!
Visitors won’t come back.
Young people will flee the Church even more.
We can’t talk about it!

Abortion, T Church N Getting Offended
Establishing Our Point

Abortion, the Church N getting offended? The word abortion needs no introduction. What do we mean by the Church? I use it in the Biblical sense. The Church is made up of all those who have trusted Jesus as Savior and are following Him as Lord. In the West, they are most likely to be found in local congregations. In the U.S., we have a congregation on just about every street corner. Seemingly. Then why do reports indicates that at Planned Parenthood, abortion still kills over 3500 babies a day? In the U.S. alone?

Abortion, T Church N Getting Offended
The Offensive Word

It’s no secret the words like abortion bring out strong emotions in us. This word may bring up
past abortion that we had or enabled. That word may arouse anger if we associate it with the political party that we oppose and see as a threat to our very way of life. And this is on both sides-pro-choice and pro-life. Even when talking to those on our side, personal attacks can arise when we disagree on the finer points of our pro-life or pro-choice ideology.

Abortion, T Church N Getting Offended
No One Wants 2 Hear About It!

The word abortion is controversial. It’s so divisive that once we were forbidden to choose it as a topic. In that college class, we were challenged to write a controversial topic and make our case on our stance for our chosen topic. Abortion was forbidden as a topic because the instructor was aware of how talking about it divides us. Yet the lives of unborn babies hangs on s being willing to talk about it. But how can we when our culture discourages it? When our own pastors discourage it?

Abortion, T Church N Getting Offended
My Experience

I belong to an excellent Christian congregation. The theology is correct on all major tenets. Our leadership is open to change that can help us become a better congregation. But, we are strongly discouraged from “getting political.” There is an unwritten code that we dare not talk about anything controversial. Certainly, abortion is off-limits. We do have a Life Team. Even within this group, political dissent is not tolerated. But I have found this to be my experience with pro-lifers, online and in-person. “How can you be pro-life and support Democrats?” and “If you are a pro-life Democrat, you have a pro-choice ideology.”

Abortion, T Church N Getting Offended
Death of Civility?

Civility seems to have gone out the door when we address politics. The pro-life community and followers of Jesus have been influenced by our toxic political atmosphere. My frustration with the pro-life community not “getting” pro-life Democrats, has come through when I helped admin a pro-life site. I posted a few items that offended the page creator and others. So I was dropped as an admin. I was removed from a pro-life group for this same reason. And I have received downright snarky comments when I have posted on certain topics. These comments came from other pro-lifers.

So I guess this may be why local churches may discourage any political speech. EVen about abortion.

Abortion, T Church N Getting Offended
Jesus N Offense O the Truth

But Scripture commands us to speak out on topics that may offend others. Jesus did not hesitate giving offense to people when it came to preaching the Gospel. Check out Matthew 23! He called the Pharisees “hypocrites,” “snakes,” and “whitewashed tombs, full of wickedness.” He even chewed out His own disciples when they got out of line. Once He called Peter “satan.” Do we think He would have been crucified if He did not offend anyone? In our culture, we have become so uncivil that many of us are afraid to offend anyone. Even among those we agree with.

Abortion, T Church N Getting Offended
Grace Plus Truth

Balancing grace with the truth is the key to this. Extending grace and being true to the truth. But it takes maturity to pull this off. I know this is not easy to walk this tightrope! In person, it is far too easy to stay silent instead of speaking up about these divisive topics. And this temptation exists online too. My friends lists consists of many people who are not pro-life. Or may not be. We should not just be content with denouncing abortion as wrong. And fighting to make it illegal.

But we should reach out to those facing crisis pregnancies. And fight for better and stronger alternatives.

Facing a crisis pregnancy or know someone who is? Click here and learn more.

Want to locate a pregnancy center in your area? Click here to do so.

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