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Planned Parenthood Primary Healthcare Provider?

Planned Parenthood Primary Healthcare Provider?

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Planned Parenthood Primary Healthcare Provider?

Is Planned Parenthood the primary healthcare provider for women?
Culture has us believing that this is so.
What do we define as healthcare for women?
Talking about contraception
and comprehensive sex education?
Count on Planned Parenthood.
Talking about prenatal care
And adoption, parenting and after-abortion support?
Don’t count on Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthood Primary Healthcare Provider?
Healthcare Debate

Is Planned Parenthood a primary healthcare provider? How did Planned Parenthood ever get mixed into a dialogue about health care? About keeping care accessible for those who are poor? Who have disabilities? Use Medicaid? On the evening of June 21, 2017, Cecile Richards appeared on an NBC talk show. She expressed her issues with the GOP versions of repeal/replace the Affordable Care Act.

Planned Parenthood Primary Healthcare Provider?
No Easy Answers

If we lived in a perfect world, those who face crisis situations would be strong enough to choose the right thing. Young people would resist peer pressure and avoid poor sexual choices and recreational drugs. Contraception would not be an issue. If an unplanned pregnancy occurred, support would be readily given. And women would gladly choose life for their babies. In a perfect world, men would be part of the decision about any baby they father. And they would welcome and take responsibility for their children.

The toxic abortion debate would not exist. The interests of women would never be seen as being at variance with that of their babies.

Planned Parenthood Primary Healthcare Provider?
Needed: Stop Politicizing Abortion

We do not live in a perfect world. So none of the above are our reality. Abortion has become so politicized that we cannot even bring up the topic in our local congregation. Until we can remove abortion from our toxic politics, babies will continue to die. That can’t be done as long as one party identified as the party for abortion in the name of “women’s right to choose.” Babies will continue to die as long as we are seen as being owned by one political party. Those involved in pregnancy care work will continue to have their work cut out for them.

Planned Parenthood Primary Healthcare Provider?
We Need 2 Talk About It & Be Civil

Politics swirls around any discussion of Planned Parenthood (PP). That very word brings up strong emotions. The word is taboo in congregations. But the fact is that women do see it as a safety net. Right or wrong. I live among people who vigorously defend PP. To my knowledge, none of them have used PP themselves. If PP is so good, why is it that former users of its services usually stay silent about it? When has any woman claimed that abortion has made her life better?

Planned Parenthood Primary Healthcare Provider?
Those Other Services

Culture tells us that abortions aren’t all that Planned Parenthood (PP) does. We get told that abortions are merely 30 percent of what PP does. That can’t be so bad, can it? If we believe that PP is targeting living babies in these women, this is not a small matter. It does not matter if abortions are only 1 percent of what PP does, if we are talking about something that deliberately takes lives. But what about the lives PP may be saving?

Planned Parenthood Primary Healthcare Provider?
Dose the End Justify The Means?

Yes, Planned Parenthood may have saved lives. Former abortion workers will testify to this. Their contraceptive may have saved many from unwanted pregnancies. But at what price? Allowing them to think they can continue irresponsible behavior without consequences. Including STDs. Contraceptives can have serious and even deadly side effects. Comprehensive sex education for teens? I have nothing against students learning about sex or sexuality, as long as they are taught to aim for abstinence and self-control as goals. And if they fail? Seek restoration and healing, and make wise choices going forward.

Planned Parenthood Primary Healthcare Provider?
What is the Truth?

Partisan politics drives what we believe about PLanned Parenthood. Face it. Those who support PP will keep declaring that it is a safety net for women. In fact, they’ll declare that PP serves entire families. And, unless you have been a client at a PP, it is hard to offer convincing evidence either way. Those who have used PP will stay silent about their experiences unless they want to get politically involved. I cannot claim to have ever used PP for myself. I know others who have or may have. But they are invariably silent about their PP experience. That very silence is telling. If PP is such a great healthcare provider, why is there a code of silence about it?

Planned Parenthood Primary Healthcare Provider?
Why Not Pregnancy Resource Centers or Community Clinics?

And then there are pregnancy resource centers. What about community health clinics? The media do not defend these places. They don’t criticize them. Yes, I have heard objections to bother. Pregnancy resource centers? Here is the common stereotype of centers. “They have an agenda to talk you out of abortion.” “All they care about is saving babies.” “They may pressure you into a decision.” “They will push adoption on you.” Have any of these critics used PRCs? The community healthcare clinics? Understandably, people protest that many will not accept you if you do not qualify for some reason or other. This is why we should pressure politicians to fund these clinics.

Stop the protests of those who complain that community clinics are underfunded. Sign and share a petition to fund these clinics.

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