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Father’s Day 2017 Pro-Life Prayer

Father's Day 4 Those Affected B Abortion

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Arise shine, for your light has comeā€¦The LORD will rise upon you and His glory will appear upon you...Isaiah 60:1-2

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Father's Day 2017 Pro-life Prayer

Here’s a Father’s Day 2017 pro-life prayer.

Father’s Day 2017 Pro-life Prayer
Directly Affected

This is a 2017 pro-life prayer. Dear God and Father, I thank You and praise You for the gift of life. Thank You for the blessing of just being alive, even in a fallen, broken world. Praise You for Your holiness and truth. Praise You for Your love and Your mercy toward each and every one of us. Thank You that You have sanctified our lives, even from conception.

For those facing crisis pregnancies: They are directly affected by abortion. I know that on any day, they are in distress. They are scared, overwhelmed, confused, and anxious. And they also probably are feeling terrified of telling anyone, even feeling hopeless and helpless. May those who are coercing or luring them to procure abortions, be brought to repentance. Transform them into Your likeness. As for all those facing crisis pregnancies, intervene in their lives.

May those in crisis see You at work. Move people to pray for them hard. May they be given motivation and courage to question and challenge the lies of this culture. And may they be motivated and guided to seek and find pregnancy help, resources, and direction. And give them courage, strength, wisdom, and support to choose life for their babies. And as for those women who want to abort for convenience: Soften their hearts. Open their blinded eyes. Bring them to repentance. Transform them into Your likeness. Move them to choose life for their babies.

Father’s Day 2017 Pro-life Prayer
People Caring for Those In Crisis

For those who know or love those facing crisis pregnancies: They, too, may feel the same things those in their lives feel concerning their crisis pregnancies. They are also directly affected by abortion. Touch them with Your truth and grace. Then move them to encourage and support those in their lives facing crisis pregnancies. Especially touch men facing crisis pregnancies. May they fully support the moms of their babies. Let them love and welcome their babies. Help and guide them to take responsibility for the babies they father.

Father’s Day 2017 Pro-life Prayer
More Directly Affected

For those who have had abortions or enabled them: Unless they have repressed their emotions, Father’s Day will be bittersweet. At best. Intervene in their lives. Place pro-life people in their lives who will show them both Your truth and Your grace. May they be given motivation and guidance to reach out for safe, confidential, life-affirming help. Let them seek and find Your forgiveness in Jesus. Give them the motivation and courage to tell others about how abortion did not serve them. And may they, by their experience, drive home the destructiveness of abortion.

For those who choose life for their babies: Praise You for their wisdom and courage! May they be given all the love, support, and encouragement they need and deserve. Let them be empowered to do what is best for both their babies and themselves. May those who choose adoption, be connected with top-notch adoption agencies. May these agencies be given guidance and opportunities to place these babies (and all children in their care) in good adoptive homes. Fully equip those who keep their babies, with all the resources and support needed to raise those babies.

Father’s Day 2017 Pro-life Prayer
Those In the Abortion Wars

For those who do abortions, assist, or are connected in any way: May this time of the year remind them of what they are taking. They are taking away fatherhood from dads. And they are contributing to fatherhood lost. Just as they are killing motherhood. Bring them to repentance and faith. Transform them into Your likeness. May they become servants of women, babies, and families. And may those who rally or advocate for abortion come to see that abortion doesn’t serve women or society. Bring them to repentance and faith. Transform them into Your likeness. May they be true advocates for women, men, and children.

For the pro-life community: They are directly affected by abortion. In this case, it’s by choice also. Protect them. Give them courage, guidance and grace. Thank You for those who make a difference, no matter how small or large their efforts! May all of those who identify as conservative or Christian work with others who are not. Let us stop adding to the toxic political atmosphere by getting too political. May we focus on lifting up those facing crisis pregnancies. May all of us realize that knowing Jesus is even more important than fighting abortion.

Father’s Day 2017 Pro-life Prayer
Those on the Other Side of Abortion

For those who are infertile: I know that Father’s Day reminds them that they are not being celebrated on this day. And the reason they are not is because they cannot become parents. At least not physically. May many of them, in the position to do so, be open to adoption. May they especially be open to opportunities to adopt babies of moms who are facing crisis pregnancies. And choose adoption. Or let these couples also be willing to adopt older children in the foster care system. Every child deserves a “forever home.”

May couples see that adoption isn’t second-class parenting. It is an ongoing act of love. And it saves children from abandonment, abuse, or abortion. As others remind us. May others unable to have children or adopt, have special relationships with You and find their callings.

Father’s Day 2017 Pro-life Prayer
Those Facing A Difficult Father’s Day

For those who have lost children: Give comfort to all those who have lost children. Comfort those who have lost children to abortion, miscarriage, or stillbirth. Grant Your comfort to those who have lost children to anything–natural or unnatural causes. Especially grant comfort to those who have lost children to murder, missing, or suicide. Let them know that You know what it is to lose a child. And may they turn to Jesus especially in their great need.

Father’s Day 2017 Pro-life Prayer
Preserving Fatherhood

For those who are single: I know that this may be just another day to them. May those who are single moms be remembered on this day, as they seek to be mom and dad to their children. And may single dads, of course, be celebrated as they seek to be dad and mom to their children. As for those who are plain single, may they find their identity, purpose, and hope in Jesus. May they be given strength to live chastely. May those who have messed up in that area be forgiven and restored. And allow marriage for many among them, according to Your plan.

Father’s Day 2017 Pro-life Prayer
Celebrating Fatherhood

For those who are celebrating Father’s Day: May their happiness in fatherhood direct their hearts to You. inspire them to thank You for what they have. Show them that dads are every bit as important as moms. May Christians and the pro-life community celebrate dads every bit as much as we do moms. And may all of us, dads, moms, and everyone, know You as our Father through Jesus. I thank You and praise You that You have given all that we can know You as our Father in Heaven!

Want to help preserve motherhood and fatherhood? For future generations? Consider helping those facing crisis pregnancies. Visit this page.

Regret lost motherhood or fatherhood? Find out how to be the solution. Click here to learn more.

Want to locate a pregnancy resource center in your area? Click here to do so.

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