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Pregnant Women, Violence N Abortion

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Pregnant Women, Violence N Abortion

What about pregnant women, violence, and abortion?
Unplanned pregnancies spawn much intimate partner violence.
A nine months pregnant woman vanishes
And turns up murdered months later
An eight months pregnant woman vanishes
And is still missing 12 years later.
More recently, an eight months pregnant woman vanishes
And foul play is suspected in her case.

Pregnant Women, Violence N Abortion
Unplanned Pregnancies N Abortion

Pregnant women, violence N abortion? What is the connection? Common sense tells us that when pregnancies are not planned, this is more likely to spawn violence than are planned pregnancies. In fact, reports state a fact that common sense should tell us. Unplanned pregnancies are two to three times more likely be be linked with violence than planned. Source. This means that women who face unplanned pregnancies are more than twice as likely to suffer violence than those with planned pregnancies. Common sense should tell us that this violence is one thing that is a motive for abortion.

Pregnant Women, Violence N Abortion
Example Pregnant Women

I have been following missing persons cases for years. And there have been cases of missing pregnant women. And i have set up a website for missing and unidentified people, and crime victims. I have covered three missing pregnant women. And I have a fourth post which I’ve published. It is a cold case of a missing pregnant mom by the name of Amanda Kay Jones. When missing pregnant women (or former cases) come to mind, I’m sure the name Laci Peterson comes to mind first.

Pregnant Women, Violence N Abortion
Laci, Conner N Pro-Life Legislation

Years ago, Laci Peterson vanished on a walk, and she was eight months pregnant. Months later, Laci and her unborn baby were found murdered. And Laci’s husband is behind bars. Another thing? He was sentence not just for Laci’s murder. He is sentenced for the murder of her unborn baby. I have read books about her case. In fact, the deaths of Laci and Conner inspired the “Unborn Victims of Violence Act.”

Pregnant Women, Violence N Abortion
More Sample Pregnant Women

On my Missingadultskids.com website, I have published three more recent cases of missing pregnant women. Akia Eggleston is one pregnant woman. Her case is more recent. Read More.
And I covered the case of a missing pregnant teen, Irma Orozco-Razo. Read more And I have covered the case of missing Sheryia Grant. Read more. Each of these women is single. And each of them is still missing.

Pregnant Women, Violence N Abortion
Incentive 2 Abortion

Common sense tells us that violence in pregnancy heightens the pressure to get abortions. You may wonder: In that case, why don’t they just leave? It’s hard to leave someone if you’re economically dependent on them. Really, it’s easier to get an abortion if he doesn’t want the baby. In the cases of these missing pregnant women, each of them choose life for her baby. Laci was married and in the position to have a baby. But her husband obviously didn’t. In the cases of the missing pregnant women I’ve published, each of them is single.

Pregnant Women, Violence N Abortion
Paying A Price 4 Choosing Life?

Amanda Jones is the missing pregnant mom whose case is cold. I’ve published her story on Missingadultskids.com. Read More. In her case, she, too, was single. Her boyfriend didn’t want her baby and didn’t believe that baby was his. I’ve linked to an article below that goes into detail on her case. She had chosen life for her baby also. IT is implied that she was pressured to make another choice. All these missing pregnant women paid the price for choosing life for their babies. And their babies also have paid the price.

Pregnant Women, Violence N Abortion

Pregnant women should never be punished for choosing life for their babies. Presently, a pregnant student who chose life for her baby, isn’t allowed to show up at the graduation ceremony. The pro-life community has rushed to her defense, as we should. But, even more seriously, pregnant women can face violence, especially in the case of unplanned pregnancies. Over twice as likely! Their lives and the lives of their babies hang in the balance.

How do we prevent violence? We can’t prevent all violence against pregnant women or others.
But we can encourage any pregnant women to take advantage of her local pregnancy resource center. They can provide her with a wide variety of services. And what they can’t do, they will make referrals. And these centers usually provide services to men. So if we know any man facing a crisis pregnancy, we can also refer him to his local pregnancy resource center.

Pregnancy resource centers offer resources to prevent that can prevent such violence. They offer programs for the men. Click here if you need pregnancy support or know anyone else who does.

This article discusses the case of this missing pregnant woman Amanda Kay Jones. Included is her stance on abortion. Click here to read the article.

Material on this post is also based on this article. Click here to read the article.

Figures on unintended pregnancies and violence are based on J.E. Hathaway, L.A. Mucci and J.G. Silverman et al., Health status and health care use of Massachusetts women reporting partner abuse, Am J Prev Med 19 (2000), pp. 302–307. See this page.

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