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Response 2 Article O Website Promoting Self-Induced Abortions

Response 2 Article O Website Promoting Self-Induced AbortionsContact

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Response 2 Article O Website Promoting Self-Induced Abortions

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Response to an article on a website promoting self-induced abortions!
The other side has gotten wind of what we are trying to do!
And they are not going to let go without a fight.
This means war.
But we won’t give up.

Response 2 Article O Website Promoting Self-Induced Abortions
That Provocative Article

Days ago, I learned about a new website. One set up to help women do their own abortions. Having accidentally deleted it from my inbox, I found it again in a search. The original article is in The Washington Post. Sandhya Somashekhar wrote the article. Alice Crites contributed to the report. As the article makes clear, the world makes clear that the world is watching us. Observing our anti-abortion laws. According to the article, a nonprofit, based in the Netherlands, set up a website. They want to enable women to learn how to use the abortion pill at home.

Response 2 Article O Website Promoting Self-Induced Abortions
Will This serve Women?

The nonprofit in question no doubt believe that they are providing a service to women. I’ll say it again and again: All many women, born post-Roe, know is legal abortion. They have never known anything different. Pro-abortion advocates have pounded into their heads things like this: If abortion is legal it is safe. If it is legal it can’t be wrong. It’s not a baby yet (until you feel her move, until it has a heartbeat, until…). It’s your core right. Your choice. So the word “prolife” means no more than “anti-abortion” and “pro-birth.” The key in winning over these people lies in believing that pro-lifers care more than those promoting abortion to them.

Response 2 Article O Website Promoting Self-Induced Abortions
Will the Abortion Pill Help Women?

Many pro-choice, pro-abortion advocates think the abortion pill (RU-486) is the solution to “anti-choice” efforts to block access to abortion. And why do abortion supporters see the pro-life movement as bent on taking a core right from them? How can we find any common ground instead of treating each other as bitter enemies? Would the abortion pill, even if used at home, benefit women? All medications have risks. Obviously, this medication kills the unborn baby inside the women who takes it. But pro-choice advocates either deny this in their minds. Or they are uninformed or simply don’t care. I think most of it is denial.

Response 2 Article O Website Promoting Self-Induced Abortions
Think O Her Several Years Later

Advocates need to think long-term about what abortion does to women. Abortion spells instant gratification of the impulse to get rid of something the woman doesn’t want. Most often, it promptly eliminates something others around her may not want. A pregnancy. Advocates who promote abortion, may I suggest that you are thinking short-term? How about thinking about these women several years from now? If she carries her baby to term, she’ll have plenty of struggles. But she won’t have guilt, grief, or regret. But if she has that abortion you are pushing? She’ll have grief, guilt, and regret. These may be dormant or she may be aware of them.

Does it matter if she has her abortion at the clinic? At a hospital? Or at home? No. In each case, the death of a baby results. And not just that. In each case, she has been made a mother who lost a child. Is this serving women? Is this serving society?

Response 2 Article O Website Promoting Self-Induced Abortions
Let’s Keep Setting Up Pro-Life Websites 2 Support Moms & Babies!

More and more people are migrating to cyberspace. Proof of that is Amazon.com causing many retail workers to lose their jobs. Because so many people are shopping online. The pro-life movement is setting up pro-life websites to reach abortion-minded women. And that’s a good thing. Let me propose something. Babycenter has a website that is devoted to pregnant women. It is a pro-choice website. And it’s a social networking site for women facing different aspects of pregnancy.

Response 2 Article O Website Promoting Self-Induced Abortions
Life-Affirming Babycenter Website?

I encourage you to check out the Babycenter. I think it would be awesome if a life-affirming counterpart could be set up to help moms choose life for their babies. And we would be ready to refer them to a pregnancy resource center in their area. And we would be there for them after they give birth. And, of course, we would have support groups for those who have had abortions. But it would take a number of us who would be passionate about this. And we would need to work together. Why wait until the politicians get their act together? We can make things happen on our own!

I want to say to those who support abortion: Have you considered that life is the best choice? For women and and their babies?

This is the link to the article I’m responding to. Click here to read the article.

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