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Women, Planned Parenthood Lying 2 You?

Women, Planned Parenthood Lying 2 You?

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Women, Planned Parenthood Lying 2 You?

Women, is Planned Parenthood lying to you?
Without Planned Parenthood, where would poor women go?
They are a primary health care for women.
Abortion is only a small part of what they do.
Some Planned Parenthood Clinics don’t even do abortions.

Women, Planned Parenthood Lying 2 You?
Re-think the Organization

Women, is Planned Parenthood lying to you? I know that all many of know is Planned Parenthood being widely embraced. The media and politicians tell us women that Planned Parenthood (PP) is our best friend. They provide compassionate, competent, real health care. And their care is comprehensive. Why, abortions are just a small part of what their clinics do. And some of their clinics don’t even do abortions! What is the fuss all about?

Women, Planned Parenthood Lying 2 You?
What the Big Deal Anyway?

Many of us women believe that Planned Parenthood saves lives. And, in some ways, they do. I understand that they do cancer screenings. Such screenings do save lives. I know that PP does save some lives. And some clinics may not do abortions. But many of them do. An estimated 340,000 abortions are done in PP facilities. What does each abortion do? We women are told that an abortion terminates a pregnancy. In this case, we’re talking about a pregnancy that is inconvenient or distressing in some way. Abortion does terminate a pregnancy. But it does something else.

Women, Planned Parenthood Lying 2 You?
What Else Is A Pregnancy?

Yes, abortion ends a pregnancy. And what is inside every pregnant women? A baby. Now, culture tells us women that life begins when we believe it begins. An unborn baby is only human if you want that baby. We should not have to have a baby we don’t want. If we were born after abortion became legal, in 1973, it’s because our moms chose life for us. They chose to carry us to term, even if pregnancy was unplanned or a crisis pregnancy. If, like me, you were born before 1973, it’s because abortion wasn’t available to your mom. She would have to break the law to get an abortion.

Women, Planned Parenthood Lying 2 You?
Women This Organization Ignores

Planned Parenthood claims to serve women. Their trademark is “Care-Not Matter What.” Do they really care for us women? Again, what does abortion do aside from ending a pregnancy? There is a reason that so many oppose showing abortion-vulnerable women ultrasounds. Can it be that that it’s because women may see what it is that they are abortion? After all, we often don’t like to expose ourselves to the uncomfortable truth. Can pro-choice opposition to ultrasounds come down to one thing? That they don’t want us to see that the unborn baby is alive? Wanted or not? Planned or not?

And guess what? Half of those unborn babies are female. At one time, all of us women were also there. We once were unborn babies. Planned Parenthood, said to be the best friend of women? What about unborn females who one day would have been women? Are there women you are ignoring? Stop telling us women that if you are defunded, we would have nowhere to go. Community health care clinics provide comprehensive care for women and families. Pregnant? Pregnancy resource centers can help you. Below, I have provided links for clinics and pregnancy support.

On a Facebook page, I came upon a video. And I have embedded it here. I recommend that you view it. Has Planned Parenthood been caught red-handed? Women, are Planned Parenthood lying to you? Watch the embedded video below. I’m not going to try to make a case for this video’s content. You view it and be the judge.

There are many federal community health care clinics. If PP was defunded for good, we women would have somewhere to go. Are you low-income? Don’t have health insurance? Find help in your area.

Facing a crisis pregnancy? Click here and learn about supports for you.

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