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Mother’s Day Prayer 4 People Affected B Abortion

Mother's Day Prayer 4 People Affected B Abortion

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Mother's Day Prayer 4 People Affected B Abortion


This is a Mother’s Day prayer for people affected by abortion.

Mother’s Day Prayer 4 People Affected B Abortion
Directly Impacted

Dear God, this is a Mother’s Day prayer for people affected by abortion. For I know that this time of the year brings out strong feelings in many people.

Mother’s Day Prayer 4 people who are facing crisis pregnancies: You know that they no doubt aren’t excited at this time. No, they are scared, confused, anxious, even overwhelmed. Let Your Holy Spirit deal gently with them. Send them loving, nonjudgmental, pro-life people to give them all the support they so badly need. Give them the motivation and courage to question and challenge this culture’s lies to them. And strengthen, guide, and encourage them, so they’ll gladly choose life for their babies!

Mother’s Day prayer 4 people who care about those facing crisis pregnancies: Open their eyes to the truth about abortion. Show them that this act does not, in the long run, serve women or society. Bring pro-life people in their lives, if needed. Touch the families and friends of those facing crisis pregnancies. Inspire them to fully support the women in their lives who choose life. And move them to love and welcome the baby. Especially, touch the fathers of these babies. Inspire them to show their support to the mothers of their babies. And move these men to love, welcome, and take responsibility for the babies they father.

Mother’s Day prayer for people who have had abortions: This day will, at best, probably be a bittersweet day for them. Especially if they regret their abortions. Wherever each one is their life’s journey, give them motivate them. Motivate them and give them courage to question and challenge the lies they have been told. May those who made this choice out of convenience, be brought to repentance. May all who have been coerced or lured into their abortions, heal and forgive those who took advantage of them. Or meant well but steered them wrong. Let all receive Your healing and restoration.

Mother’s Day Prayer 4 People Affected B Abortion
On the Reverse Side O Abortion

For those facing infertility: You know that, generally speaking, they will not be celebrating this day. At best, it is bittersweet for them. Please give them Your peace and Your comfort. Especially at this time. Comfort them as they witness pregnant women or children. Give them Your comfort especially if they witness mothers being honored. Give them other opportunities to use their maternal instincts. Let them find their hope and happiness in You. And may they turn to Jesus in their hour of need.

For those who have lost children: Comfort them! Especially those who have lost children in the past 12 months. Let them know that You, too, have lost a child. Give Your comfort especially to those who have lost children to murder, missing, or suicide. Comfort those who have lost children to parental alienation. Surround them with support from their local community. And may they turn to Jesus in their their great need. Give peace of heart to those who will be reminded of the loss of children they have placed in adoption.

For those considering adoption: Give guidance, support, and peace to those who are facing crisis pregnancies and are considering adoption. Praise You for their maturity and for placing their babies before themselves. Comfort them in the painful loss of their children. Give resources, support and strength to those considering adopting a child of any age. May they provide loving homes for these children.

Mother’s Day Prayer 4 Those Affected B Abortion
Abortion Advocates N Abortion Industry

For politicians, celebrities, and other notables who openly support abortion: They have so much power and or/influence. I’m sure that most mean well by advocating for abortion as a right. A core right. Impress upon them that this act does not serve women or society in the long run. And remind them that half the babies abortion kills are of the same gender they advocate for. Change their hearts and transform them into Your likeness. May they uphold a consistent life ethic and embrace pro-life Democrats. Give us more pro-life Democrats! We need them!

For ordinary citizens who rally and march to support abortion: Many of them have known nothing but legal abortion. They have been sold the notion that it is just terminating a pregnancy. Open their eyes. Change their hearts. Give them motivation and courage to question and challenge the lies they have been told. Bring into their lives pro-life people who will listen to them and win their hearts. Change their minds and channel their zeal to advocacy for woman and their babies. Especially I pray this for younger people, who have known nothing but abortion post-Roe.

For Christians who support abortion: I know that they justify their support by saying that You don’t mention the Word abortion in Your Word. They view pregnancy termination as a compassionate choice in difficult situations. Help them see the truth. Give them eyes to see. Help them see what abortion actually is and what it does. May they see that it not only terminates a pregnancy. It ends a life. Bring them to repentance. And may they uphold a consistent life ethic.

For those who perform abortions, assist, or are linked to it in any way: Raise pro-life people who will pray for them. And may they do other things if able, to extend truth and grace. Help them to see that what they are doing does not serve women or society. At best, may they see that they are just providing women quick fixes. Open their eyes. Change their hearts. Bring them to repentance. Channel their desire to serve women into a passion to serve them and their babies.

In Your goodness and grace, raise up people who will transcend politics and partisanship. Place them in positions of influence and/or power. We need profiles in courage! And we need those who will be peacemakers and help heal our bitter partisan divide! If that is us, give us wisdom and courage to be one of these people. Thank You for hearing these concerns. Into Your hands I entrust all that I have brought to You. May Your perfect will be done in all of this. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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