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Planned Parenthood 2 States: Next?

Planned Parenthood 2 States; Next?

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Planned Parenthood 2 States: Next?

Planned Parenthood funding decision goes to states; what is next?
Will this legislation save more babies and moms from abortion?
What about the opposition? Will they fight back even harder?
What message will this send to women?

Planned Parenthood 2 States: Next?
The Legislation

It has finally happened. On a Thursday, April 14, President Donald Trump signed legislation to defund Planned Parenthood. This was done behind closed doors. No fanfare. Actually, this new law just gives state Governors the authority to determine whether to fund Planned Parenthood in their own states. Or defund it. As this law is written, PP isn’t to receive any more federal funds. Funds would have to come out of state budgets. That’s if Governors want to keep funding PP in their states.

Planned Parenthood 2 States: Next?
Message 2 Women?

Many women are part of the “resistance” movement. I understand that the litmus test of participating, is that protesters support abortion. Pro-life voices are not welcome. Sadly, many women firmly believe that pro-life advocates/activists don’t have their backs. Don’t care about them as persons. Just as bearers of children. And as moms. Such women believe that the pro-life movement wants them to remain “barefoot and pregnant.”

The new law is good. As far as it goes. But negative, anti-abortion laws, of themselves, can send a negative message. I’ll repeat it until I’m black in the face. Many women, 40 and under, know nothing but legal abortion. They have been brainwashed into believing it is their cornerstone right. But what would lead them to believe that the pro-life movement cares about them also? Why couldn’t Congress and our President offer funds to states that want to defund PP? So they could send funds to community health clinics that don’t do abortions?

Purely negative anti-abortion laws won’t change any hearts. But funding alternatives may. I would have liked to see Congress and the President add to their legislation. How I wish they could have added a provision to offer block grants to states wanting to defund PP. There you go!

Planned Parenthood 2 States: Next?
Pro-life Incrementalism

The new legislation is a start. But it is incrementalism. This law shifts the authority to state Governors. PP supporters among them would still fund the corporation. Babies and moms in these states would remain abortion-vulnerable. The majority of pro-life leaders express dislike for those who identify as abortion abolitionists. But we can learn a few things from them. Should we shoot for laws that seek to ban abortion altogether? I know that in an abortion-brainwashed society like ours, this would not be realistic. Then be incremental in approach?

There are no easy answers to ending abortion!

Planned Parenthood 2 States: Next?
Pro-Abortion Reaction

Pro-choice, pro-abortion people naturally hate this. Many of them are used to legalized abortion and see it as their right. And they see us as taking it away from them. I learned that death threats have been issued against the Executive Director of the networked pregnancy Resource Centers in my area. These networked centers are called Thrive-St. Louis. The Executive Director, Bridget Van Means, feels she can’t let her daughter remain with her. And one pro-lifer I know believes Our President received a death threat because he says he’s pro-life. (I don’t agree with this. Read my post on another site, and find out why..

I never stop lamenting our bitter partisan divide over abortion. We can pass all the anti-abortion laws we want. Women will keep terminating their pregnancies. Many will keep coercing or luring girls and women into abortion. With the familiar lines. It’s legal to terminate your pregnancy. As long as you do it in the first trimester, it should not feel any pain. Is it really a baby? Can’t we find any common ground? Do we have to talk at each other? Shame each other? See each other as threats? Democrats, welcome pro-life Democrats!! Give us a place at the table! Republicans, show what you are for and not just what you’re against. and that you’re pro-life for “the whole lifespan.”

UPDATE: New reports tell us that Planned Parenthood is still funded.

Planned Parenthood 2 States: Next?
Grassroots Level Involvement

We need not wait for legislation to make a difference now. We have life-affirming pregnancy resource centers. They can be found in most cities and all 50 states. These centers do many fine things to encourage, guide, and embolden women and men to choose life for their babies. In the face of unwanted pregnancies. But they can’t do their work alone. They need donors and volunteers. Click here to locate your local center. Support them as a donor or volunteer.

Dealing with a crisis pregnancy yourself? Read this page.

Had an abortion? Want healing? Read this page.

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