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Open Letter 2 Democratic Chair Tom Perez

Open Letter 2 Democratic Chair Tom Perez

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Open Letter 2 Democratic Chair Tom Perez

This is an open letter 2 Democratic Chair Tom Perez.

Open Letter 2 Democratic Chair Tom Perez
What I’m Responding To

This is my open letter to Democratic Chair Tom Perez:

Democratic Chair Tom Perez, I know that you won’t get this. My hope is that this post may reach some who think like you. Your pro-abortion worldview. For years, the Democratic Leadership used abortion as a litmus test. Candidates can’t serve in your Party without supporting abortion. And, a few days ago, you made a disturbing statement. It confirms that that any Democrat running for public office, must support abortion rights.

This is sad. So there is no room in your party for pro-life Democrats? According to reports, this sums up what you said.

Open Letter 2 Democratic Chair Tom Perez
Women N Abortion

Mr. Tom Perez, you have made yourself clear. Pro-life Democrats can personally oppose abortion. You’re okay with them strengthening adoption laws. It’s okay if the propose and sponsor laws that help pregnant women. And lift low-income families. We ought to be doing those things and others! This is my main issue with the other party. And I take issue with so many pro-lifers who
don’t speak to issues facing those who are already born.

Open Letter 2 Democratic Chair Tom Perez
Right Of Conscience

Mr. Tom Perez, what about conscience? You are okay with pro-life Democrats violating their consciences to comply with leadership demands to support abortion. At any price? This makes me sad. And I’m noticing that many pro-life Democrats are compromising their convictions to meet party demands. Former VP contender Tim Kaine is a big example of this. Remember? This Senator has called himself a pro-life Democrat during the 2016 Presidential election. “I personally oppose abortion.” But then he said, “I’ll uphold women’s reproductive rights. It’s the law of the land.”

Open Letter 2 Democratic Chair Tom Perez
Two Sixes

Mr. Perez, the other afternoon I was watching a program. The anchor was talking about both political parties and their positions on abortion. As he did daily, this anchor was crunching numbers. “At this time, there are six pro-life Democrats in Congress,” he stated. Six out of over 200. And then he stated, “And there are six pro-choice Republicans in Congress.” Out of over 200. What can any person get out of this? Democrats are the pro-choice party. Republicans are the pro-life party.

Both parties are guilty of the same thing. But for opposite reasons. You are politicizing an issue that affects real human lives.

Open Letter 2 Democratic Chair Tom Perez
Election 2016 Loss Reminder

Mr. Perez, consider something. During the 2016 Presidential campaign, Hillary Clinton expressed a desire to repeal the Hyde Amendment. In other words, she wanted the government to start directly funding abortions. Not just birth control. Has it occurred to you that most people want at least some restrictions on abortion? Shouldn’t you be listening to what people want? I remind you of your massive election losses. Your Presidential candidate lost the White House. Hillary Clinton could have easily beat our current President. But she lost. And it’s not just that. You lost Governorships and hundreds of legislative seats.

I really want to see you win elections again. But I believe some things must happen before you see victory again. Have you considered that embracing pro-life Democrats may be one?

Clinton’s Defeat N Abortion

Theories abound as to why Hillary Clinton shockingly lost the 2016 Presidential election. She was favored to win. We all expected it. Some of your voters stayed home. They assumed she’d win.
And she didn’t go to states where Democrats typically garnered support. For she took their votes for granted. And she lost. A new book, Shattered, gives the authors’ theories about the Clinton defeat. I haven’t read the book, for I don’t want to spend money on a hardback. But have the pundits missed something about the Clinton defeat?

Could her loss have anything to do with a radical pro-abortion agenda? What about all the pro-life Democratic votes you may have forfeited? There are millions of pro-life Democrats. And many may have “held their noses” and voted for Donald Trump. They didn’t want to. But they felt that they had to. Some may have voted third party. Not voted for a President. Some may have stayed home.

Open Letter 2 Democratic Chair Tom Perez
To Serve N Advocate 4 Women

You Democrats sincerely care about women. Their well-being and concerns. And I know that you see abortion access as a core issue. One that is non-negotiable. This is just like pro-lifers see protecting the unborn as their core issue. One that can’t be negotiated. To reduce abortion and finally make it unthinkable, we must find common ground. Both sides favor preventing unwanted pregnancies. Adoption. Helping those facing crisis pregnancies. How can we start there and try to listen to each other? At this time, both sides talk at each other.

Open Letter to Democratic Chair Tom Perez
Final Appeal

Mr. Perez, I pray regularly for you. It’s my sincere hope and desire that you’ll experience a change of heart. Has it ever occurred to you that abortion serves women only in the short term? They are the ones who have to live with knowing that their baby died at their hands. And they may have short-term or long-term physical complications. Let pro-life Democrats run for office without violating their consciences. We’re always lamenting our bitter political divide. Maybe pro-life Democrats hold the key to bridging this ugly divide.

Are you listening?

Are you or someone you love facing a crisis pregnancy? click here and learn more.

Whatever party you support, please show support for your local pregnancy resource center. Support it with donations and/or volunteer time. Click here to locate your local center.

The above photo is is by Maryland Gov PIcs and is licensed under a Creative Commons 2.0 Generic License.

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