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New Abortion Alternative Petition Needs 2 Grow!

New Abortion Alternative Petition Needs 2 Grow!

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New Abortion Alternative Petition Needs 2 Grow!

New abortion alternative petition needs to grow!
We already have two life-affirming alternatives.
Adoption and parenting.
Yet abortion continues to kill over 3000 unborn babies daily.
In the U.S. alone.
I think it’s time to consider adding another life-affirming option!

New Abortion Alternative Petition Needs 2 Grow!
The Need

A New Abortion Alternative petition needs to grow! The petition campaign has been around for awhile. I’m talking about the requesting that the U.S. Government pass new legislation. The campaign seeks to approve two-year foster care. This would be tailored for those facing unplanned pregnancies. The goal is to replace abortion with the two-year foster care option. Wouldn’t a third option provide more incentive to choose life for an unplanned child? Shouldn’t we be open to this?

New Abortion Alternative Petition Needs 2 Grow!
Examining the Two Existing Alternatives

Those who choose life for their babies currently have two life-affirming options. Parenting. Adoption. One poses a tremendous hardship to both the mom and the baby. This holds true, especially if one parents without a spouse. The option of adoption is final. It may may make life technically easier for the parents. But it usually doesn’t free them emotionally Especially the mom. There is always reunion when the baby grows to adulthood. But there is no guarantee that it will ever happen.

New Abortion Alternative Petition Needs 2 Grow!
Two-Year Foster Care

Despite the existence of two life-affirming options, abortion hold steady at their rate. The estimation is 3000 babies in the U.S. Alone. Many woman, wilfully or not, feel no incentive to carry their babies to term. They are horrified at the idea of “giving up” a baby they carry for nine months. And then part with her for good. But parenting would pose too great a hardship-now. If only they could parent in two years! Straighten out their lives. Go to two-year college. Attend technical school. Work through issues with a professional. I’m not ready for a baby now! Yes, I want a baby, but not now!

A two-year foster care program would be a strong incentive for certain parents. Who aren’t quite ready the baby they are carrying. Why make them choose adoption if they could prepare for parenting within about two years? What would this look like? The legislation should protect adoptive families by not releasing the baby for adoption. Parents would be given visitation rights over the two years. That way, they can form a bond with their baby. And they would have no more than a two-year window to take care of personal affairs. This would motivate them and protect the child.

New Abortion Alternative Petition Needs 2 Grow!
Your Support Is Vital

Our President promised that he would create a culture of life. This should mean more than defunding Planned Parenthood.

New Abortion Alternative Petition Needs 2 Grow!

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