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Easter Prayer 4 Those Affected B Abortion

Easter Prayer 4 THose AFfected B Abortion

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Easter Prayer 4 Those Affected B Abortion

This is an Easter prayer for those affected by abortion.

Easter Prayer 4 Those Affected B Abortion
Directly Impacted

Dear God and Father, this is a prayer 4 all those affected B abortion:

For all those facing crisis pregnancies: I pray that prayer warriors be raised up for them. Let them encounter people who will provide life-affirming alternatives. Believe in them. Love them. Pray for them. Befriend them. Give each one the courage to choose life for her baby.

For their families and significant others in their lives: I pray that You touch them. Convince them to love and support the abortion-vulnerable in their lives. And welcome their babies.

For those who choose life: I praise You for those brave parents who choose life for their babies! In the face of their crisis pregnancies. May those around them welcome and affirm them. And their babies. Comfort moms who have had to choose adoption for their babies. Do the same for those who have faced miscarriages. Those who suffer from infertility. And those who have learned that their babies may have a bad prenatal diagnosis. And those who I may have left out. Especially over these holidays.

For those women who have had abortions: Raise up prayer warriors for them. Let them face the reality of what abortion did to their babies. And to themselves. Lead them to life-affirming settings. Places where they can find healing, forgiveness, and restoration.

For all those Who have enabled them: I pray the same things for them also. Help them realize their roles in abortion. May they accept Your forgiveness. And that of the affected women in their lives.

Easter Prayer 4 Those Affected B Abortion
Abortion Supporters N Advocates

For all those who do abortions. Who enable them. Or who are in any way involved in procuring abortions: Raise up prayer warriors for them. I pray that You will convert them to Jesus. Change their hearts and minds. May they become true servants of women and families. I praise You for those who have already experienced such conversions. Especially for those who now fight abortion in any way.

For all those who advocate for abortion as a right. Including Politicians. Those in the media. Celebrities. Those who protest for abortion: I pray that You will raise up prayer warriors for them. Change their minds and hearts. Show them that abortion does not serve women or society. And kills babies. May they come to follow Jesus. And become true advocates for woman and families.

For Christians who support abortion: I pray that You show them what they are supporting. Reveal to them the truth about abortion. Bring each of them to repentance. And if some of them have had abortions or enabled them, forgive them. Heal and restore them.

For Planned Parenthood and Cecile Richards: I pray for conversions for Cecile Richards and others who work at Planned Parenthood. Do abortions. Assist in them. Volunteer for PP. Donate them. Support them. Drive home to them what PP does to babies and women who go there. Show them that PP is not a true friend of women. Conquer their fears and misconceptions about PP defunding. Change their hearts about life-affirming alternatives.

Easter Prayer 4 Those Affected B Abortion
Pro-life Movement

For pregnancy resource centers: I praise You for these centers. For how they present alternatives to abortion. Place women they serve at the center of all they do. Keep their services as free or low-cost as possible. Protect these PRCs from all evil. From those who would do them harm. Give them guidance, grace, wisdom, and resources to be even more effective.

For their supporters, donors, and volunteers: I praise You for all of those who support these centers. Through volunteering. As donors. By getting out the word. Referring others to these PRCs. Protect them from all evil. Give them encouragement and resources to continue to stand with PRCs.

For pro-life speakers and activists: I thank You them. Protect them from all evil. May they be given grace, wisdom, encouragement, and strength to remain voices for life. Help them to defy the stereotypes of pro-lifers. Anti-women. Anti-choice. Insensitive to women’s issues and concerns. Indifferent to issues outside of abortion and euthanasia. May they be diligent to establish their credibility.

For abolitionists: I praise You for their faithfulness to You and their courage. For valuing Your opinion above what people think. May we learn these things from them. But give abolitionists openness to learn from pro-lifers. To temper their zeal with tact, gentleness, and grace.

For pro-life Democrats. For others who don’t ft the conservative pro-life stereotype: I pray that those among us who are “not religious” will follow Jesus. And realize that being one can be pro-life and Christian without being anti-choice. Or anti-women. May we who are pro-life Democrats be welcome in the Democratic Party. And in the pro-life movement. Raise us up to help bring the bitter partisan divide. Through our time and talents.

Dear God and Father, I praise You for giving us Your Son. For His atoning death for all our sins. And I praise You for raising Him from the dead. He is risen!

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