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Pro-Choice R Pro-Abortion?

Pro-Choice R Pro-Abortion?Pro-life Meme

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Pro-Choice R Pro-Abortion?

Pro-choice or pro-abortion?
What is the best word for those who support abortion?

Pro-Choice R Pro-Abortion
Choice vs. Abortion

Pro-choice or pro-abortion?Okay, let’s pick apart these words. Pro. That’s obvious. That means to be for something. Support it. Stand with it. Back it up. Of course, in sales terms, there’s free vs. pro. Pro, as defined here, means simply that a service or good is not free. Go pro and get better services. More services. But pro as we’re talking about here is, means to be for. And the word choice. Pro-choice means we support the right to choose. But, in this case, we’re talking about a particular choice. The right to choose termination of an unwanted pregnancy. And that brings us to the word pro-abortion.

Pro-Choice R Pro-Abortion?
Uncomfortable Truth

Pro-choice or pro-abortion? The very fact that our opposition prefer to describe themselves as pro-choice means that they know something, deep down. They are uncomfortable with this reality. Therefore, they do not want to identify with it. Or describe themselves as being for it, as in pro-abortion. Truth has this way of so often making us squim if we look at it honestly! And this is true in all areas of life. Isn’t this why the word sin has been banned in much of society? Even churches? We don’t like to view ourselves as sinners. It hurts our self-concept. But it’s true!

Pro-Choice R Pro-Abortion?
Culture of Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood (PP) has had a profound impact on our culture. Politicians and citizens alike, hail it as a charity and safety net for poor women. And families. Women need this charity, we are told. If it gets defunded, where else will they go? When you bring up the fact that there are 13,000 community health clinics where women could go, you get pushback. “But will they be able to get free birth control there?” “What about their abortion rights?” And so the truth is coming out. Ending a baby’s life has become health care. Sad. Wrong. Since when have the interests of moms and their babies become pitted against each other?

Pro-Choice R Pro-Abortion?
Words and Stereotypes

It’s tragic that choice has ever been brought into the abortion debate. Somethings simply should never be a choice. Even more than that, they should be unthinkable! But we don’t live in that kind of a world, do we? You can’t turn on the news without hearing about man’s inhumanity to man. Shootings. Missing Children. Missing adults. Corruption and greed in politics. Fraud. Scams. Sexual abuse. Murder. Persecution of Christians and other religious minorities. Human trafficking. Yet we don’t use the word choice to frame them. No one talks about being pro-fraud or pro-sexual abuse, for example.

But we use the word in connection with taking the lives of the unborn. And we have legalized it. And can we blame all those who insist that termination of their pregnancies is their core right? I’m not in any way condoning their support of killing their babies. But when so many have known nothing but legal abortion, what can we expect? Many people have heard nothing but things like: “You have the right to do what you want with your body.” “It’s legal so it’s okay. And no one need know.” “Pro-lifers don’t care about women. They want to limit your choices. They want to take something from you.” “Pregnancy centers are phony. Planned Parenthood is the real deal. And they save lives. They prevent unwanted pregnancies.” And more.

Pro-Choice R Pro-Abortion?

Abortion has created bitterly divided us in the U.S. It has split us along usually partisan lines. Those who support abortion typically identify with the DEmocratic Party. Those who oppose it align themselves with the Republican Party. I’m not tired of repeating myself. As long as abortion remains partisan and divisive, it will never go away. We may close down Planned Parenthood clinics. Only for others to spring up. We live in a different world pre-Roe. Now we live in a post-Roe world. Hearts need to change. And only Jesus can change hearts. So prayer plays a vital role in ending abortion. And so does reaching out to those facing crisis pregnancies. Reach out and be like Jesus to them.

Visit this paage if you know someone who is facing an unwanted pregnancy.

Interested in volunteering at your local pregnancy center? Click here.

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