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Democrats, Listen! Re-think Abortion!

Open Letter 2 Democratic Chair Tom Perez

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Democrats, Listen! Re-think Abortion!

Democrats, listen! Re-think abortion!

Democrats, Listen! Re-think Abortion!
How are You Re-building Your Party?

Democrats, listen! Re-think abortion! This is a time, I know, when you are struggling. Democrats, you have endured a devastating electoral loss in the 2016 election. Your Presidential Candidate, Hillary Clinton, experienced an electoral defeat. Totally unexpected. Still, you have few answers about the suspected Russian interference in her electoral loss. The other party has most of the power. They have the White House. The House of Representatives. And the Senate. On top of it, they now have their Supreme Court Justice.

You are the the minority party now. And I know that you don’t have the votes to get much of anything done. All you can do is try to make your voice heard. And be “the party of no.” How incredibly frustrating and disheartening! Last week, when you were voting on the new Supreme Court Justice, your filibuster was blocked. I can guess what this is all about. Your candidate, Merrick Garland, didn’t even get a hearing. Yes, you’re still mad about that. I don’t blame you.

Democrats, Listen! Re-think Abortion!
Consider This

Democrats, I know you are figuring out how to rebuild your party. You know the party is in need of a makeover. The media cover your ideas for rebuilding. Paying more attention to working-class voters. Getting more young people involved. Reforming gerrymandering. Fighting harder for voting rights. And more! I’m still waiting for you to show openness to allowing dissent on an issue you consider to be non-negotiable. To allow dissent. Abortion. I’ve heard others ask: “Is there room for pro-life Democrats in the Democratic Party? Or do they insist on a litmus test about abortion?”

Democrats, Listen! Re-think Abortion!
Listen to Pro-life Democrats

Now I know you may be horrified at the idea of pro-life Democrats. That is, who call themselves pro-life about abortion. Who actually want to fight for the unborn but stay in the Democratic Party. I know that your Leadership is paid off by Planned Parenthood (PP). The largest abortion provider. PP solidly backs your party. Pro-life Democrats? According to Democrats for Life of America, we represent one in every three Democrats. You may think of us as “democrats in name only” (DINO). How can anyone be pro-life about abortion, and identify as Democrat?

Democrats, be open to anything. How about paying attention to us estimated 22 million pro-life Democrats? That’s a small but substantial part of America. Stop ignoring us. You do so at your peril. Every election, we wrestle with who we should vote for. So many of us want to support you. Because of the core issue of the sanctity of life as it applies to abortion, we feel we can’t support you. We want to. But we feel forced to either support pro-life candidates we don’t like. Write in candidates. Even stay at home. We feel disenfranchised. Much is that is your doing.

Democrats, Listen! Re-think Abortion!
We Want Your welcome

We who identify as pro-life and Democrat want you to hear us! You weren’t always the party of abortion on demand. Nor were you always aligned with Planned Parenthood. What has happened? Our culture has slowly, but surely, come to think of abortion as a core right of women’s. Reproductive freedom. Bodily autonomy. The right to choose. Even basic health care. Safe and legal abortions. Well has the late Pennsylvania Governor, Bob Casey, assessed your attitudes in his book, Fighting for Life. Casey was a courageous pro-life Democrat who was a strong voice for babies and moms. But you have not welcomed him.

Your situation is serious. Have you considered that your pro-abortion stance may be turning many voters off? Studies show that most people believe we should have some abortion restrictions. Yet your stance is unrestricted abortion. EVen many pro-choice Democratic voters believe some abortions should be restricted. What can you do? When you campaign, reach out to pro-life DEmocrats. Address our concerns of divided loyalties. Between you and our pro-life stance. Above all, permit talented, qualified pro-life Democrats to have a voice within your party. Even fill leadership positions!

Democrats, Listen! Re-think Abortion!
Don’t Leave Out Jesus R Religion

Here’s another thing for you to consider. Why do you insist on privatizing Jesus and religion? I agree in the separation between church and state. But not total separation. And you ignore Christians who may agree with many of your stances on social issues. But because of the core issues of abortion and religious freedom, we feel unable to support you. This forces us to vote for social conservatives who disagree with us on many things. But we’re on the same page about abortion and religious liberty. Want to be the majority party again? Want more supporters? Reach out to “white Evangelicals” and listen to us. Bring Jesus and religion back into the conversation!

Democrats, Listen! Re-think Abortion!
How 2 Be A True Voice 4 Women

Democrats, I know you consider yourselves advocates for women. Most feminists support you. Women who believe abortion is their core right, support you. I know that a few words in a post will not change your minds. But there is One Who is able to change our hearts and minds. In spite of your understandable anger and angst about your political losses, I ask you to please be open to what God may be trying to tell you. I am praying for you. He can help you become true advocates for women and children. Listen to what He is trying to say to you!

-Lisa DeSherlia-

Read this article that Democrats for Life wrote to Senator Bernie Sanders. Click here to read the article.

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