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I have placed Your ordinances before me. I cling to Your testimonies O LORD... Psalm 119:30-31

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I was diagnosed with cancer. This was when I was 25 years old. I had just found out that I was pregnant as well. Scared doesn’t quite cover it. There wasn’t anyone that I could reach out to. This is, no one had been in my position. No support groups. No websites. Not anyone. My Dr. told my OBGYN that I should consider abortion. He said this because the pregnancy would likely cause my cancer to get worse. Quickly. I have to admit I considered it. I had never been so scared. I decided to have the necessary  surgeries and not do the medication. It has been 11 years and we are both well! Dr.s are not Gods, they are often wrong.

Fast forward to April of 2015 we discover that my sister, a heroin addict, is pregnant.  My mother had already taken custody of her son. But she couldn’t imagine starting over with a “drug baby” at her age.

We already had 4 children. It could have been easy for us to fund her trip to the abortion clinic. But it never crossed our minds. I am glad she didn’t add abortion to her list of unfortunate decisions.  We adopted both kiddos and we are blessed to have them.  We have our work cut out for us. They will have behavioral problems, but we will fight for them to live happy productive lives.

Being pro-life should mean being willing to roll up your sleeves and get to work.

WEBSITE OWNER NOTE This is a moving and inspiring story about a guest writer who has rejected abortion. She has placed her baby’s life above her own. The story shows that abortion is not needed, even when the life of the mom is in danger. Medical technology has come so far that there are alternatives. And also, as in this case, doctors can be wrong! If a doctor advises a “therapeutic abortion,” you have the right to make your choice for life. If you or someone you knows is facing this, click here and learn more.

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  1. This is a really touching and humbling post! I want to say, a lot of us can learn from you!


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