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Victory 4 Unborn? Pro-Life Triumph?

Pro-Life Petition Needs 90 Signatures!

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Victory 4 Unborn? Pro-life Triumph?

Victory 4 unborn? Pro-life triumph?

Victory 4 Unborn? Pro-life Triumph?
What HappenedVictory 4 Unborn? Pro-life Triumph?
What is Next?

What is next for this legislation? As if now, the President hasn’t signed it yet. Will he sign it? He ran his campaign, promising Christians and pro-lifers: “I’m pro-life. I will defund Planned Parenthood. The Supreme Court Justices I appoint will be pro-life.” Our President’s policies show that he favors cutting domestic funding. This bill contains the provision to send $$$ to alternatives that don’t do abortions. As the legislation is written, it’s unclear that the President will sign it.

What would it mean? We should desire the success of this law. And we do. But we must not stop here. Still, we have far to go. Only when people see that we don’t need abortion, can we count ourselves as reaching out goal. It’s when alternatives appeal more than abortion, that we can claim victory. Some have noted that our President seems to be motivated to “give his party what they want.” It seems that way. And so I’m sure he will sign this legislation. And if he does, many moms and babies will be protected from abortion. The former Obama injunction is supposed to be returned to all 50 states. And it’ll be up to Governors to decide what to do about laws concerning the unborn.

Victory 4 Unborn? Pro-life Triumph?
White House Crises

I must address some matters. As good as our President’s intentions may be, his Presidency has become embattled. His relationship with the media is hostile. Reportedly, inner dissension marks his inner circle. They are fighting amongst themselves. Remember his campaign? His campaign surrogates and he had ranted: “Hillary Clinton is unfit to lead! If she gets the White House, it’ll be marked by one scandal after another. One investigation after another. She will not be able to govern!” At this time, it’s clear that all these things hold true about him and his administration.

Victory 4 Unborn? Pro-life Triumph?
Presidency of Scandal

One scandal after another marks this President and his administration. So many we can’t keep up! News anchors tell us: “Our news cycles are so packed that we barely can keep up.” The President’s former National Security advisor, Micheal Flynn, had resigned. A former acting Attorney General, Sally Yates, had warned: “He is vulnerable to Russian blackmail.” Reportedly, Flynn had spoken to a Russian ambassador. Before the campaign, he allegedly said to the person: “When we win, we will lift sanctions.”

The current Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, was exposed for speaking to a Russian official. At his Senate confirmation hearing, he had denied having any Russian ties. So did he commit perjury? In the legal sense, it depends on Sessions’ intent. But it all is disturbing. Russia is not our friend. They persecute and kill anyone who dares oppose them. Our President has always showed favor to President Putin. Once, he was asked: “Don’t you agree that Putin is a a killer and an enemy?” Inexplicably, the President said: “Is he any worse than we AMericans are? Aren’t we just as guilty?” He got a prompt backlash, even from Members of his own Party.

Victory 4 Unborn? Pro-life Triumph?
What Does it All Have 2 do With Abortion?

And Donald Trump has often shown affinity to Russia and Putin. During his campaign, he declared at a rally: “And I call on Russia to hack Hillary Clinton’s deleted e-mails! All of them!” When Wikileaks put out document dumps against Clinton, Trump declared: “I love Wikileaks!” Fast-forward to now, in April 2017. Michael Flynn is now demanding immunity to give his testimony. According to his lawyer: “He has a story to tell and he really wants to tell it.” I won’t go into a discussion on Russia-gate on this post. I’ll just say that it has much weakened our President and his aids. And his ability to govern.

How can a leader effectively govern when he is under suspicion? When so many citizens don’t trust him? When members of his administration are also being suspected? When they are under investigation? Even by the FBI? Even a pro-life President can’t govern if he and his aids have baggage. And their inner circle is dysfunctional. Maybe turning abortion laws back to the states is the way to go. That’s assuming that all Governors are pro-life. And we know that many may still keep abortion legal. And protect Planned Parenthood. Politicians, like us, are human beings. Many of them are deceived and have bought into this culture’s lies.

Victory 4 Unborn? Pro-life Triumph?
Where Our Hope Should Lie

We can’t place our hope in politicians. Like us, they’re only human. And they let us down. And like us, they’re not perfect. Only one Person is perfect and He is Jesus. I know that we can’t see Him. Feel Him. Touch Him. Or touch Him. Not with our five senses. And if you’re not “religious” or are of another faith, this may not mean much to you. Lately, our political landscape has become extremely toxic, bitter, and partisan. Until working to end abortion becomes bi-partisan, we’ll get nowhere at the legislative plane. But, Christians, we can pray! These powers-that-be can’t stop our prayers.

Let’s not wait on legislation. We can still keep calling for laws against abortion. Let’s keep calling for laws to strengthen alternatives. But we can do much in our own lives and communities. It isn’t enough to wait every few years to “vote pro-life.” Now we live in a culture in which the average person has been convinced that abortion is a right. Even in the media, we usually hear abortion being presented as a right. As long as people see it as a right, we have a long way to go.

We don’t have to wait on politicians to declare war on abortion. And finish the fight. Click here to learn how to help those facing unplanned pregnancies.

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