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2 Women Determined 2 Choose Abortion

2 Women Determined 2 Choose Abortion

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To Women Determined 2 Choose Abortion

2 women determined to choose abortion:
You are resolved to terminate your pregnancy. No matter what.
You don’t want the inconvenience of a baby.
You want to preserve your way of life.
You want to assert control over your body.
You tell yourself: It’s my perfect right.

2 Women Determined 2 Choose Abortion
Your Plan

2 women resolved 2 choose abortion: I’m sure you won’t read this. If you should stumble on this website? You’ll’ll see the mere title of this site. And head for the nearest exit. But if you are here? Reading this out of curiosity? Want to confront this anti-choice website owner? Feel free to do that. But do you know what you are doing? What you want to do has permanent consequences. It’s not like getting a tooth pulled. Not like getting your gallbladder removed. Nor like getting an appendix taken out. These and others are bodily organs. We can survive without them.

This isn’t addressed to girls and women who are being bullied into abortions. Abortions they don’t even want. These girls and women are reachable. All they need is love, support, and resources. They can find these at This page is for them. Nor is this post addressed to girls or women who are ambivalent about abortions they are considering. Even seeking. And this open letter isn’t targeted to those who are uninformed about the abortions they are considering getting. EVen seeking. This page is for them also.

This post is addressed to you women who do have support. Resources. And just don’t want to avail themselves of it. And this post is also meant for women who know what they are abortion. And what abortion does to their babies. And are determined to choose it anyway.

2 Women Determined 2 Choose Abortion

Yes, you pride yourself on being pro-choice. And I’m all for choice. The right to choose your doctor. To pick your own mate. The right to choose how many children you’ll conceive. But this choice we’re talking about isn’t like any of them. You are pregnant. And it’s not convenient. It’s going to mess up your life. Your plans. That high-paying career you have? Why should a baby get in the way of that? The vacation you have planned a year in advance. No baby would get in the way of that. You may have two or three children already. And you want no more. So you must terminate this pregnancy.

2 Women Determined 2 Choose Abortion
What Are You Terminating?

Yes, your mind is on ending what you see as your inconvenience. This pregnancy does not fit into your plans. What about your life? To keep your way of life, the pregnancy must go. Abortion is legal. And if it’s legal, it can’t be so wrong. Can it? After your termination, you can just recover. And go on with your life as before. No one needs to know! Problem solved. On, those anti-choice people will tell you you’re murdering a baby. They tell you about adoption. Adoption. Perish the thought. Why should you have a baby? And then give it away to some wealthy couple? And, decades later, this child appears on your doorstep?

You’re glad that Planned Parenthood is there for women. Women like you. Those pro-lifers don’t care about women. You tell yourself that. All they care about are fetuses. You may have even seen graphic photos of these abortion victims. Yet you may have convinced yourself that these photos aren’t real. These photos may have been doctored to get an emotional reaction. You can’t let a baby get in the way of your relationship with your boyfriend. Or with your husband. Have kids later when you want them. You know, deep down, that you have another life inside you. A life that isn’t yours to take.

But you use another word for what you plan to do. Termination. End your pregnancy. Get out of this condition you don’t want to be in. And go on with your life. Just like before. The trouble? YOu are about to take the life of a helpless, innocent being. And your life will never be quite like before.

2 Women Determined 2 Choose Abortion

2 Women Determined 2 Choose Abortion
We Must Answer 2 Jesus 4 Our Choices

Yes, you can choose. We all can make choices. And you can even choose abortion. But you know something? Our choices come with consequences. You and I will have to stand before Jesus. And we’ll have to give an account of our choices. Good and bad. Yes, we can avoid encountering Him as our Savior from our sin. We can resist Him as our Lord. Guess what? None of us can avoid meeting Him as our Judge. Jesus lived as a perfect human and died in our place. To satisfy God’s anger at our sin. Abortion is the symptom of sin. He has risen again. What we need are changed hearts and lives.

And so here is my word to you: Dear woman: Turn from your sin. By sin I don’t just mean wanting to get an abortion. But simply not being perfect. And rebelling against God’s holiness and law. We all need Jesus. So turn from sin. And turn to God. And you’ll be given the heart to want to let your baby live.

Praying for you!

-Lisa DeSherlia-

I don’t expect to change your mind. But you may want to read the stories of women who have experienced abortion.
Click here to read stories.

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