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Can Supreme Court End Abortion?

Can Supreme Court End Abortion?

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Can the Supreme Court end abortion?
Why did most-pro-life voters back Trump? The Supreme Court.
Why did 85 percent of “white evangelicals” vote for Trump? Same thing.
Why did over 90 percent of GOP voters support Trump? Same thing.

Can Supreme Court End Abortion?
The Power of the Supreme Court

The Supreme Court is powerful. Cases make their way to this government body when people want to appeal them. This judicial body is the highest Court in America. They rule on cases, and are supposed to be impartial. But as we know with Roe vs. Wade, this is not the case. The Supreme Court is supposed to interpret the laws as written. Regardless of the views of the sitting Justices. Fail to do this? This is an abuse of the separation of powers. This refers to the three government branches doing their jobs. And not trying to do another. Congress is supposed to legislate. The President is supposed to propose and sign laws. And the Supreme Court is supposed to carry out laws. And rule on them as written.

As humans, we all have opinions. And so we can’t help but have biases. The Justices who sit on this Court are as human as any of us. It’s almost impossible to avoid some measure of subjectiveness. And what about the Justices that ruled in favor of Roe vs. Wade? How could the law have been written so they could interpret it as favoring Roe? Were their own biases involved in their ruling? For their decision has resulted in millions of unborn lives. And it hurt the emotional and spiritual health of countless women.

Can Supreme Court End Abortion?
The 2016 Election Election

Supreme Court Justices receive lifetime appointments. That’s why so much emotion surrounds the appointments of these Justices. This is why partisan bickering over their confirmations can be so ugly. Recall that our former President, Barack Obama, wanted to appoint a moderate nominee, Merrick Garland, on our highest Court. The Republican Senators refused to even hold hearings. Aed Garland has been highly praised by those on both sides of the aisle. Understandably, Democrats don’t want to hold hearings on our President’s nominee.

The Supreme Court vacancy was a deciding factor in the 2016 election. It was widely known that Hillary was considering appointing Barack Obama on this Court, should she be elected. That didn’t happen. THe GOP and the pro-life movement had not wanted Trump as President. For the most part, he was not their first choice. But most in these communities could not stand Hillary Clinton. They saw her as the Enemy of all that they stood for. And Donald TRump had promised to appoint a Supreme Court Justice, if elected. Seeing the high states involved, most Republicans “came home to” Trump. And they voted for him in the general election.

What about our President’s nominee, Neil Gorsuch? This man sounds professional, competent, and has the right experience. He is facing much Senate grilling. From what I understand, Gorsuch is pro-life with a first trimester
“exception.” That is, he thinks abortion should be available to women in the first trimester of their pregnancies. But not afterward. This, by the way, is just where my own mom stands on how much abortion should be restricted.

Currently, this “exceptions” clause has many in the pro-life community upset. “He broke his promise to those of us who wanted a pro-life justice!” This is the prevailing mood of many in the pro-life community. Yesterday, Gorsuch, when asked, said that Trump had not asked him about reversing Roe vs. Wade. “What would you do if asked about it?” a Senator asked Gorsuch. He said: “I would have walked out of the room.” At first, I could not believe my ears. Was this a “separation of powers” issue? Just an assertion that he would not “legislate from the bench?”
It was a disturbing response. And he did not explain himself.

Someone posted a video on my Facebook Timeline. Headlines said: “Neil Gorsuch: ‘THe fetus is not a person.'” I finally listened to the video. Indeed, when asked, he did state that the fetus is not a person “according to the law of the land. And I respect the laws as written.” So is this Neil Gorsuch pro-life about abortion? Personally, I’m disappointed in his statements!

Can Supreme Court End Abortion?
What Can End Abortion

Can pro-life Justices help end abortion? Can they save us from it? Recall the tragic untimely death of Justice Antonin Scalia. I understood that he was solidly pro-life. And he had fought to repeal Roe vs. Wade. Pro-life Justices, who remain on this Court for life, have far more influence that the President. A President is term-limited to eight years. Yes, a Court consisting of all pro-life Justices, can overturn Roe vs. Wade. Abortion would become illegal. No doctor would be allowed to do abortions. Doing so could land him in prison. Is this alone our only goal? Of course not!

We don’t just desire abortion to be illegal. And unavailable. Most of all, we want to make abortion unthinkable. We should still support pro-life legislation. And consistently pro-life candidates.This means that hearts need to be changed. People’s hearts will probably never change until those of us in the pro-life movement will stop just talking to ourselves. And also listen to them. And earn their trust and respect. And dismantle the stereotypes of this movement. Pro-birth. Anti-abortion. Anti-women. Co-opted by one political party. How do we get started?

The government can only do so much. The Supreme Court are limited in what they can do. If we stand united and work together, as citizens, we can move mountains!

Click here. Visit this page. Learn about getting involved in a pregnancy resource center in your area. Enable their work of helping those facing crisis pregnancies.

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