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New Health Care Bill N Abortion

New Health Care Bill N Abortion

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New Health Care Bill N Abortion

New health care bill N abortion?
A piece of legislation few want.
Doctors reject it.
Hospitals repudiate it.
Health organizations shun it.
Why do the President and House Speaker keep selling it to us?

New Health Care Bill N Abortion
The Proposed Legislation

For years, the GOP aggressively came out against Obamacare. The Affordable Care Act (ACA). During the years of former President Obama, Gov. Mike Huckabee had circulated a petition to repeal that law. The ACA had been controversial from the beginning. Our current President had run on the promise: “We will repeal and replace Obamacare. Our plan will cover more people, and cost less. And everyone will love it!” At this writing, it’s clear that the GOP are united on getting rid of the ACA. They declare, “It’s a disaster. It can’t be fixed. All we can do is scrap it.”

The Gop, sadly, are divided over replacing the Affordable Care Act. Some, like Sen. Ted Cruz and Sen. Rand Paul, demand a total overhaul of the law. Scrap it altogether! They sharply criticize the version that had been crafted by the House. And which the Health Secretary, Tom Rice, has endorsed. And which Paul Ryan, House Speaker, promote. And which our President heartily supports. “Hard right” conservatives scornfully call the bill “Obamacare lite.” They disdain even the tax credits as “entitlements.” Mom, who detests all Republicans, declares, “Great! Let them fight amongst themselves! Then people will see their true colors.

New Health Care Bill N Abortion

Most of us are aware of the fights over this bill. Called the American Health Act, this bill does preserve a few ACA provisions. It still allows children to remain on their parents’ plan until age 26. And it still protects those with pre-existing conditions. Far-right Republicans scorn these left-over provisions as compromise. Pure free market health care! Privatize it completely! This isn’t the way to go! And so some lawmakers are protesting this bill as not going far enough. They don’t believe that heath care is a right. Typically, they reason, “We want to see all people covered. But it’s not the government’s responsibility to provide it. And we favor equal access for everyone but not equal outcomes.” Frankly, this kind of logic makes no sense to me.

Most people oppose this bill for the opposite reason. Studies indicate that in a few years, 18 million people or more, will lose their coverage. This proposed law contains generous allowances for Medical Savings accounts. It calls for caps on Medicaid expansion. I understand that it may eventually phase out Medicaid. Or move it back to the states. The controversial mandate was removed. So employers and young adults would have less incentive to get insured. Ironically, those who don’t stay insured face a penalty if they want to get future insurance. Most people believe all these provision benefit those with financial means. And hurt the rest of us. Especially the poor, those with disabilities, and senior citizens.

In spite of bitter opposition, this bill might be forced on us. For the House Speaker, Tom Price, and others, blithely are promoting their bill. And as fast as they can push it through. Sadly, it seems that those working-class voters who cast their ballots for TRump, will be hurt the worst. For they benefit most from the Affordable Care Act. Trump had promised them that they would remain fully covered under his replacement. So is our President going to break his promise to these voters?

New Health Care Bill N Abortion
Pro-life Provision

Remember all the calls to defund Planned Parenthood? This new bill attaches an abortion-related provision to this law. It calls for the government to strip Planned Parenthood of funds. For just one year. A current poll indicates that 70 percent of all Americans oppose defunding Planned Parenthood (PP). I wish that this provision had not been attached to this GOP bill. For it sends the silent message that abortion is health care! And what about re-allocating the funds to alternatives? What gives? I’m sure that this bill would save some babies. But would it turn off women and families who like PP? Where will they go without ready alternatives? How can we expect to win their hearts?

Is this bill really pro-life? It would strip the biggest abortion provider of any federal funds. For a year. And without sending the funds to alternatives? No, this seems like just a start. Only a start. Some pro-life advocates believe this bill would not protect unborn life enough. I agree. And it wouldn’t help those facing crisis pregnancies. Nor would it protect many vulnerable groups or individuals. People whom the ACA has failed, may like this bill. Many others, who like their ACA coverage, dislike this new law. Health care affects the lives of people. Both born and unborn. So is it truly pro-life?

New Health Care Bill N Abortion
Pro-life Response

What is the Christ-honoring response to this controversial bill? The pro-life Response? I know that most in the pro-life movement will respond the the defund Planned Parenthood clause. Like me, they’ll see it as a small step in the right direction. But the defunding lasts just one year. And it seems the funds won’t go PP alternatives. “Something is better than nothing,” most of us reason. Our President, in this area, is keeping part of his promise. But because he has so much on his plate, it’s up to us to insist that he protect those whose lives have no legal protection.

We also should lead the way in denouncing those hurtful cuts in this bill. For these cuts would affect those whose lives often aren’t valued or seen as sacred. Senior citizens. Low-income single parents. Poor families. Those with disabilities. Low-income pregnant women. For these cuts would affect many of those who make choices for abortion. And make abortion more tempting. How pro-life is that? And people’s lives are sacred-just because. We need to stop pitting the interests of the unborn with the interests of those already born. And then, through us, GOd will win the hearts of people. Even those who have known nothing but legal abortion.

Read actual text of GOP Bill by clicking here.

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