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Abortion N International Women’s Day

Women's March N Pro-life Abortion Debate 2017

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Abortion N International Women's Day

Abortion? International Women’s Day?
What do these two have to do with each other?
If you support women’s rights, you have a place in this event!
Women’s rights are human rights!
We want human rights! This includes reproductive rights!
Our sisters’ equality! Our sisters’ health care!

Abortion N International Women’s Day
A Day Without Women?

Abortion N International Women’s Day? What does abortion have to do with this one-day, worldwide event? And the American version of this event is called D Day without Women. On this day, many women took off work to protest. Their objective? Show their vital role in global economy and society. These protests took place worldwide. On March 8, if you followed social media, you became ware of this day. The same woman, who had led in the Woman’s March, a Muslim woman, did the same in this event. Linda Sarsour is her name. She declared: “When we deprive consumers of services on this day, they’ll see how vital our role in society is.”

All participants had to agree on abortion. Said one spokesperson: “As long as they support reproductive rights for women, we welcome anyone. Men and women. As long as they support choice. Women’s rights are human rights.” I was glad that they were protesting and supporting certain vital issues. Pay equity for women. Compassionate immigrant reform. Provision of health care for all. Defending the Affordable Care Act. Freedom from sexual assault. Protecting the civil rights of minorities. All important issues. Most which the GOP tend to ignore. Issues which many traditional pro-lifers treat as secondary. But grouping abortion among these issues? Declaring it as women’s equality and health care? How? Why?

This should not be. Abortion benefits no one. Including women.

Abortion N International Women’s Day
Vitriolic Pro-Choice Anger

Much anger exists in the women’s movement. It has simmered for a long time. It’s nothing new. This toxic political atmosphere has just intensified it. Some of us may have seen Sen. Elizabeth Warren at a Hillary Clinton rally. Warren had declared: “We nasty women are going to take our nasty feet and cast our nasty votes to get you out of our lives FOREVER!” I’m sure many of us have seen the footage of singer Madonna at that Saturday Women’s March. And we heard her exclaim, “And we are nasty women and we are standing up and fighting back. We are standing up for our human rights. We’ll fight to keep them from being taken away. And if you don’t like it, —- YOU!”

These are just two examples of this anger. For years, at pro-choice rallies, women would hold up signs. “Keep your rosaries off my ovaries!” “Don’t tell me what to do with my own body!” I know that many of these women and their allies resent the pro-life movement. I hear the arguments at home by pro-choice loved ones. What is behind the rage of so many of these angry, frustrated women? I live a few such women. I believe that it’s a combination of the lies of this culture and what they see as the hypocrisy of most in the pro-life movement. When it seems that someone wants to restrict your choices and make your life harder, they naturally hold you to a higher standard. This is the case with the pro-life movement.

The media don’t help. A prominent journalist has derided pregnancy resource centers as “phony anti-choice clinics.” I have found articles likewise scoffing at these centers as lying to women as passing as abortion clinics when they’re really “fake, anti-abortion clinics.” This kind of coverage, sadly, is all many women and their families may know of these centers. Fox News Network may have more pro-life it coverage. Pro-life advocates may get more air-time on the network. But their often strident bashing of anything “liberal” and Democrat turns many off. My family absolutely despises Fox News Network and what they see as displays of hate and lies. Who will tell women the truth about abortion? Where will they find the truth about Planned Parenthood? About real help?

Pro-lifers, it’s up to us. The media, who have to stay neutral, aren’t well-positioned to tell the truth. Journalists are unlikely to share the truth about abortion or Planned Parenthood. They fear losing their jobs. The Fox News Network has had its share of scandals. So they have lost credibility, despite their giving pro-life guest voices. They have turned many off. Many of our pastors are afraid of addressing abortion within their congregations. It’s up to us. And we need God’s divine wisdom, grace, and patience even when telling the truth about abortion.

Abortion N International Women’s Day
Righteous Pro-Life Indignation?

I have seen much pro-life anger at these marchers. Pro-life people in my networks have characterized as lots of bad things. “Ungrateful!” “Lazy!” “Spoiled!” “Paid protesters!” “Democrat plants!” I guess I can understand why. Those who arrange these “Resistance” events say, “We are fine with your participation if you support women’s health care.” And we know well what is meant by that. Not cancer screenings. Nor physical check-ups. Abortion. That’s what they mean. Reproductive rights. I don’t know where people got the idea that these people are being paid to picket. These events are organized, that’s clear. But how can you pay a bunch of protesters? The movement, though organized, looks organic to me.

Yes, pro-life events are reportedly peaceful. Pro-lifers reportedly express little of the anger we have witnessed from a Madonna. But online posts from pro-lifers can get toxic. Once I posted a petition calling for reversing legislation which our President signed. I got angry comments. They came from pro-life Facebook users. Neither share my ideology as a pro-life Democrat. One comment ended with, “Are you still drinking the Kool-Aid?” And another pro-life believer posted: WHY are you going after our pro-life President?………” and went into detail about things he said. To me,talk is cheap. To me, a person’s pro-life stance on abortion doesn’t compensate for other deal-breakers. Like racism. Lack of integrity. Incompetence. Ego trips. Sexual Immorality. Disrespect for government institutions. Have we forfeited our credibility as advocates by standing behind someone without sound moral character?

The partisan divide in the U.S. is bitter. Abortion has driven much of it. It continues to do so. It seems that, on both sides, we see each other as enemies. Pro-life voters, generally, side support this current President. Pro-choice people see his character flaws more clearly. Few support him. We need to find ways to take the politics out of abortion. If we don’t, hearts will never change. Abortion will never end. Even if we see Planned Parenthood defunded. Or Roe vs. Wade overturned. This partisan divide is here to stay for awhile. What are we going to do about it?

Abortion N International Women’s Day
How 2 Really Help Women

We can truly help women. Joining in the call to protect Planned Parenthood (PP) won’t help them. Agreeing with the notion that PP is health care they can’t live without, won’t help them. Arguing with them that “Abortion is murder” won’t win them over. Most women know that abortion kills babies. Opposing measures that can take the lure out of abortion, won’t help them. Measures like paid family leave. Raising wages for working-class families. Medicaid for low-income pregnant women, single parents, and low-income families. ADoption subsidies for qualified adoptive parents. Funds for public health clinics.

We can truly help women in many ways. When they face crisis pregnancies, we can tell them the truth about abortion. Educate them about their options. If anyone is reading this and has a daughter facing a crisis pregnancy, encourage her to choose life for her baby. Refer her to hotlines I will share below. Have her turn to a pregnancy resource center. If anyone reading this has a son who has gotten a girl pregnant, call on him to take responsibility for the baby he fathered. Use contact info below, and point him to a local pregnancy resource center. If anyone reading this knows some in a crisis pregnancy refer to the info below.

Call this 14/7, toll-free number: 1-800-712-HELP (4357).

Text “Helpline” to 313131.

Find a pregnancy resource center here.

Find a pregnancy resource center here.

Call this 24/7, toll-free hotline: 1-800-550-4900.

Praying for you!

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