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Important Website Domain Name Change

Important Website Domain CHange

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Important Website Domain Name

Important website has had a domain name change!

Important Website Domain Name Change
BanAbortionProtectBabies 2 NeverAbortion

Here’s an important website domain name change. This website used to have a different domain name: Ban Abortion Protect Babies. I don’t know why I chose that domain name in the first place. Most of my preferences were already taken. The former name focused pro-life outreach on babies. An exclusive name. That name left out the baby’s parents. And you can’t love the babies unless you love the moms. “We love them both,” is a common slogan among the pro-life community. Most pro-life workers want to “love them both.” And pregnancy resource centers literally do this. Because my older domain name left moms ot, and was too long, I had to change it. GoDaddy is where I register my domains. I found NeverAbortion.com there. Then I grabbed it.

Website Domain Name Change

I’m not getting rid of the first domain name. At least not yet. It’s set up so that it points to NeverAbortion.com. That is, when you type in “banabortionprotectbabies,” into a search engine, it’ll automatically take you to this site. With this new domain. Never Abortion still send a clearly 100% pro-life message. It also allows inclusion of everyone involved in crisis pregnancy decisions. Not only the babies. The moms. The dads. Their families. Let’s take a positive view of this. Because alternatives exist in such abundance, abortion never needs to be a choice. Because of the help out there for those in crisis, abortion is never needed. But to make this real, people need to be educated about their real options.

Hopefully, a shorter and more domain name will improve your user experience here. And lead to more babies and moms being saved from abortion. NeverAbortion.com is still too new, so it doesn’t show up yet in search results. But if you type in BanAbortionProtectBabies, you’ll be redirected to this site.

If you encounter error pages or other bugs, visit here to contact me about it.

-Lisa DeSherlia-

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