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How 2 Stop Politicizing Abortion

How 2 Stop Politicizing Abortion

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 How 2 Stop Politicizing Abortion

How 2 stop politicizing abortion?
Stop abortion now! Stop killing the babies!
Protect women’s right to choose what to do with their bodies!
Baby killers! Anti-choice extremists!
How do we remove politics out of this human issue?

How 2 Stop Politicizing Abortion
Engaging “the Other Side”

1). Find common ground with “the other side.” We agree on preventing unwanted pregnancies. Adoption. Helping single moms. Lifting up low-income families and individuals.

2). Don’t refer to “them” as our “enemies.” Endure their hostility, knowing that most sincerely want to make a difference.

3). If you’re a Christian, pray for abortion advocates. Lift up abortion workers to God. Bring abortion doctors to Him. Only He can change hearts. Jesus alone can change minds. No amount of human words can if He does’t change hearts.

4). Protests and rallies are okay. I’ve been to a couple. But don’t feel that you must depend on such pro-life events to be pro-life. Truly you don’t have to attend one event to be pro-life. You can be pro-life by supporting and promoting abortion alternatives, especially where you live. Find them here or search here.

5). Research the stories of women who have experienced abortions. They’ll show how non-political abortion is. Consider buying Aborted Women: Silent No More, by David C. Reardon. Buy it here.

6.) Don’t think that overturning Roe vs. Wade is the end of pro-life work. No, it’s only the beginning. Should abortion be needed again, abortion alternatives will be as needed as ever!

7). Let us show our support for “liberal issues” that are consistently pro-life. These include: Equal pay for women. Disability rights. Compassionate immigration reform. Resisting racism. Workers’ rights.

8). Consider participating in one of the local “Resistance Marches.” If you aren’t allowed a voice, see what you can do. Let them know that we may not stand with them on abortion. But we stand with them on non-abortion issues!

9). Educate yourself about pro-life Democrats at Democrats for Life of America. And pass it on to other pro-lifers!

10). Sign a petition to give pro-life Democrats a voice in their party. Visit here. Sign and share petition! Thank you!

How 2 Stop Politicizing Abortion
Admit Our Differences

1). Realize that all of us were once unborn babies. Every one of us know girls and women who can face unwanted pregnancies. It can even happen to us. Abortion affects all of us!

2). There are pro-life Democrats and pro-choice Republicans. Many Democrats treasure the sanctity of human life. From conception to natural death. A good number of Republicans support “the right to choose.” Even as they uphold conservative policies.

3). Don’t use the word “pro-life” only in reference to opposing abortion. This is definitely part of it! Use it to refer to helping women face unwanted pregnancies. And find redemption from past abortion.

4). Abortion isn’t just a “women’s issue.” Since men father babies, abortion affects them also. Women, let your husband or boyfriend be part of your choice. Men, love and care for the children you father!

5). Pro-lifers, embrace pro-lifers who may not feel at home among you. Pro-life feminists. Pro-life Democrats. Pro-life LGBT people. Pro-life “nonreligious” people. Pro-lifers of other religions. Not all pro-lifers are “Christian conservatives”! If we want to end abortion, we need to embrace all kinds of pro-life people.

6.) Pastors, abortion is a hard topic to bring up. Especially as we’ve politicized it. But as the spiritual leader, you set the tone for your congregation. Speak the truth in love, as Jesus did. Don’t fear offending people. Instead, make faithfulness to Jesus priority. If abortion were legal in Jesus’ day, would He be silent about it? I doubt it.

7). Parents, raise your children to be pro-life. Celebrate their lives. Uphold the value of all human life from conception to natural death. By life and word.

8). Experienced or enabled abortion? When the time is right and you’ve worked it through, consider sharing. Let them know that this is a human issue more than a political issue!

How 2 Stop Politicizing Abortion
Stress Social Services

1). Educate yourself about abortion alternatives. Local pregnancy resource centers. Adoption agencies. Services for low-income families and individuals. Public clinics that serve children and families. Disability services. Share what you learn with others.

2). Promote pregnancy resource centers. Donate $$$ and supplies to them. Volunteer time to them. Even start a pregnancy resource center. Go to Care.net or to Heartbeat International; to find out how.

3). Promote pregnancy resource services as the compassionate solution. Do this especially when others talk about abortion as the “compassionate” option.

4). Educate yourself about adoption and show how it can benefit moms as well as their babies. It comes with no guilt and frees women to go on with their own lives.

5). Consider a third option to replace abortion over time. How about two year foster care? Consider signing and supporting this petition.

6). If you know anyone facing an unplanned pregnancy, point her to abortion alternatives. Urge her to call 1-800-712-HELP (4357) or text “Helpline” to 313131. Ask her to call 1-800-550-4900 or text PREGNANT to 313131. Assure her that she’s not alone!

7). Feel that you can’t reach someone you yearn to help? Maybe you want to get closer to a teen, spouse, or relative. Understand that most people stereotype pro-lifers. They see us as “anti-choice,” judgmental, even hateful. Let’s be patient and earn their trust with our lives.

8). Acquire posters carrying pregnancy hotline numbers. Instead of the typical “Abortion KIlls Babies” or “Abortion Stops A Beating Heart,” reconsider. If you can, hold up signs with pregnancy hotline numbers. Send the message that we do care about women! And babies!

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