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Change 2 Never Abortion

Pro-life W Exceptions?

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Change 2 NeverAbortion

Change 2 Never Abortion?

Ban Abortion Protect Babies has been the name of this site. It’s the domain name.

But changes, God willing, are coming.

Change 2 Never Abortion

CHange 2 Never Abortion? Have you visited this site in the past couple of days? Then you may have noticed some changes. The main one is that now this site’s name is different. It’s no longer Ban Abortion Protect Babies. Now it’s called Never Abortion. You’re entitled to an explanation. Currently, I’m using the same domain I’ve begun with. In time, though, God willing, I hope to connect this site with the Never Abortion domain. Why? you may ask. This new domain is, first, shorter. Easier to remember. Fewer letters to type in a search. I’ll never get rid of the older domain. If you prefer what you’re used to, you can access this site with that name.

Now you can access this site through NeverAbortion.com. Change is usually easiest when the transition is gradual. And that’s what will happen in this case. I’m not going to hurry to change this domain. You, as well as myself, need time to adjust. I have to make lots of adjustments. But in the end, the change will be worth it. We’re getting a domain name that is easier to remember. Easier and faster to type in a search. Currently, we have to type it in the search bar at the top of our computer screens. NeverAbortion.com is still too new. When it hits search engines, I want to connect it to this site as my primary domain.

Change 2 Never Abortion
Mission Unchanged

Change 2 Never Abortion? Does this mean that the mission of this website is changing? Not one bit! Let me repeat it: The mission of this site will <strongnever change. The purpose of this site is to help end all abortion by showing love, support, and sharing info with women and families. The goal remains not just making abortion illegal. Help make it unthinkable. The mission is to promote alternatives which help moms and dads, and save babies. This has always been the mission of this website. Ban Abortion Protect Babies doesn’t reflect the scope of this effort. Hence the Never Abortion switch.

Ban Abortion Protect Babies is a narrow domain name. Never Abortion is more inclusive. To me, it leaves room for putting both women and babies at the center of pro-life ministry. Ban Abortion Protect Babies is baby-centered. Baby-centered efforts tend to leave moms out. And find it harder to win “the opposition” who stereotype us as “pro-birth” and as “fetus worshipers.” I’m excited about the new domain name and hope it will be more effective in working with this effort.

My hope and prayer is that you’ll stick with this. For I’m convinced that the change will be worth it.

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