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Help Women Facing Unplanned Pregnancies


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Helping Women Facing Unplanned Pregnancies

Help women facing unplanned pregnancies.

What should we help women facing unplanned pregnancies?

What should we NOT say to those facing unplanned pregnancies? We need to get this one nailed! Lives depend on it!

Help Women Facing Unplanned Pregnancies
What Not to Say

Help facing unplanned pregnancies. There are things that we must never say them. Our experiences tell us that what we say has impact! Want to really encourage women to choose life for their babies? Then steer clear of some remarks and statements. Yes! I know some things are easy to say. They seem to relieve our discomfort. Or vent our frustration. help women facing unplanned pregnancies. So we have to watch what we say because words can help or hurt.

1). DON’T SAY, “Why did you get yourself in this mess?” It took guts for her to share this news with you! This is the last thing she needs to hear. Feeling judged may encourage her to get to a Planned Parenthood (PP). Right or wrong, she thinks she won’t be judged there. PP won’t help women facing unplanned pregnancies.

2). DON’T SAY: “You’ve ruined your life!” She’s already scared and confused. Don’t add to it. This may intensify her fear. To deal with it, she may seek an abortion so her fear won’t come true.

3). DON’T SAY: “You’ve let us down. We’re disappointed in you.” If you’re her parents or grandparents, you’re understandably upset. Don’t take it out on her. Tell it to a friend or counselor. Write in a journal. 4). DON’T SAY: “You made your own bed. Now you have to lie in it.” She probably hears, “We reject you. You’re on your own.” And she may seek an abortion because she sees no other option.

5). DON’T SAY: “What will people think now?” Yes, people gossip, and people talk. They have no right; we all sin and need a Savior. Her body and her baby matter more than adult reputations.

6). DON’T SAY: “You need to take care of this. You can’t afford a baby.” You might as well say: Go get an abortion because you’re without hope.

7). DON’T SAY: “We’re personally opposed to abortion. But you need to get one right away because you’re in no position to have a baby.” This is hypocrisy, and she sees through that. Thinking she has no choice, she’ll get an abortion to please you. Afterwards, she’ll ache with guilt, grief, regret, as well as anger at you for pressuring you into her abortion.

8). DON”T SAY: “If you get an abortion we’ll be disappointed in you.” Depending on her temperament, she’ll be more determined to defy you! Even if she chooses life, do you want her to be motivated by guilt?

9). DON’T SAY: “We’ll take care of your baby.” Your generosity is commendable. But her baby is hers, not yours. She needs to do what is best for herself and her baby. Not what is best for the adults in her life.

10). DON’T SAY: “WHO is the father? WHO did you have sex with?” She’ll feel the stones hurled at her in earnest. If she’s not besides herself with fear.

Help Women Facing Unplanned Pregnancies
What to Say

Help women facing unplanned pregnancies. Words do make a difference. All of the above only push girls and women to abortion. We don’t help her when we say things like the above. Maybe we need to do research. Discover the resources that exist to help moms in crisis. Those resources help them choose life for their babies. Abortion isn’t women’s only option. Planned Parenthood (PP) isn’t her only option. help women facing unplanned pregnancies. PP won’t help her face her unplanned pregnancy. At the bottom of this post you can click a button. It’ll connect the mom in crisis in your life. She can find help in her area.

1). DO SAY: “Thank you for sharing this news with me.” This should ease her fears. She might fear you thinking less of her.

2). DO SAY: “I’ll support you. I’ll stand by you through this.”

3). DO SAY: “Your story is safe with me. I won’t tell unless you ask.” She may be terrified of telling even her parents.

4). DO SAY: “I’m sure you’re scared, overwhelmed, confused, and maybe feeling hopeless.”

5). DO SAY: “God has a plan for your life, even now.” Assure her: “Jesus will stand by you always. Trust Him.”
If she isn’t a believer, you can say: “This doesn’t prevent your life from having meaning.” Detect a receptive heart? “Turn to Jesus. He will bring good out of even this for you and your baby.”

6). DO SAY: “You have options.”

7). DO SAY: “You can visit https://optionline.org and talk to someone by live chat.” This works if she has Internet access.

8). DO SAY: “You can call 1-800-712-HELP (4357) or 1-800-550-4900.” These are toll free numbers and you can call any time of the night or day. They can get her connected to a pregnancy resource center in her area.

9). DO SAY: “You can text “Helpline” or PREGNANT to 313131.” This works if she uses a cell phone with texting.

10). DO SAY: “Life is a choice. It’s your body and your baby.”

11). DO SAY: “Adoption is a loving option. If you choose this route, you’ll free yourself to pursue your dreams. You’ll bless your baby with a loving couple, and you’ll bless them with a child. Many childless couples are desperate to adopt.”

12). DO SAY: “If you choose parenting, we’ll help you and your baby in any way we can.”

Help women facing unplanned pregnancies. General principles of helping those in need should guide us here. As well as her specific needs. And the concerns of those around her.

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