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Defund N Reallocate

Defunding Planned Parenthood Enough?

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Defund N Reallocate

Defund and reallocate!
Defund Planned Parenthood!
Re-allocate funds to community health clinics!

Defund N Reallocate
The Call

Defund Planned Parenthood has been a rallying cry for years. Pro-life citizens have organized and taken part in many rallies. “Defund Planned Parenthood!” “Stop abortion now!” “Women don’t need Planned Parenthood!” “Planned Parenthood lies to you!” “This corporation trafficks in baby body parts!” “These clinics doesn’t do mammograms!” “Adoption, not abortion!” “Abortion stops a beating heart!” Pro-life politicians have called for government shutdowns over this!

Pro-choice advocates have been co-ordinating and holding rallies. And pro-choice politicians have been equally strident about their cause. “Defend Planned Parenthood!” “Protect Planned Parenthood!” “Stand with women!” “Don’t take my birth control away!” “My body! My right!” “Don’t pray any rosaries over my ovaries!” “Stand with Planned Parenthood!” “Don’t take away women’s health care!” Both sides held rallies for their causes this past Saturday, Feb. 11.

Defund N Reallocate
Unique Petition

Many petitions to defund Planned Parenthood (PP) abound. And petitions to defend PP also have proliferated. I get calls to sign petition, from both sides. Right now, we have a Congress where the majority party have professed to defund PP. Despite my disagreement with some of their stated policies, I must agree with their promise to strip PP of federal funds. Now I know that many people are horrified at the very idea of such a move. They argue, “Where will women go for their health care?” “Where will women get free birth control?” Their fears may be valid, if they have never used a community health clinic. Change is scary!

I have used community health clinics for decades. And I understand that there are thousands of them all over the U.S. About 13,000 of them (Human Coalition). These clinics often serve uninsured or poor citizens. Frequently, they serve minorities. And they provide birth control devices. But they focus on providing quality health care for women, children, and families. Often, they are underfunded. This is why they may turn some people away. If Congress defunds Planned Parenthood and reallocates $$$ to these community clinics, this may help.

Please sign a petition that calls not only for defunding Planned Parenthood. It also calls for $$$ to be re-allocated to community health clinics.

Defund N Reallocate

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