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Abortion Single-Issue?

Abortion Single-Issue?

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Abortion Single-Issue?

Without the right to live, no other right matters.

All issues are secondary to the core issue of protecting the unborn.

Vote for a pro-life candidate, even if you disagree with them on all but abortion!

Cast your vote for the pro-life candidate. Even if you hate their rhetoric or conduct!

Abortion Single-Issue?
Core Values

“We’re a single-issue event,” the 2017 spokesperson told the press. Though pro-lifers deplored the media’s history of ignoring their events, the press covered the March 4 Life 2017. As I watched the people hanging around and chanting, I wished I could be there. Like many people, I lack the resources to travel and be at such events. The single issue? Abortion. Many people view abortion as a core women’s right. Pro-lifers view it as a wrong. It violates the baby’s core right to live. But pro-abortion people usually advocate for multiple issues. Pro-life people often identify as one-issue people.

Abortion Single-Issue?
Vote Pro-life, Vote for…?

I’m convinced that single-issue voting ushered Trump into the White House. Though he had identified as pro-choice, Trump stated that he became pro-life. I can’t see what’s in his heart. Only God can. But to many of us, the timing of his pro-life conversion seemed to coincide with his former campaign. That’s neither here nor there. The pro-life movement, as a rule, wasn’t comfortable with Trump’s candidacy at first. But then he selected a strongly prolife running mate, Mike Pence, and announced his plan to appoint prolife justices. Gradually, most of the prolife movement embraced Trump and endorsed him. “He will give himself to fight for the unborn!” “This is a man who will hep us take our country back!” “Finally, we have a prolife President! Praise God!

Abortion Single-Issue?
Pro-life or Pro-birth?

“You people are pro-birth, not pro-life!” Many pro-lifers place babies at the center of what they do. They address women only as they relate to their babies. This comes off as “pro-birth.” I know that this site is called “Ban Abortion Protect Babies.” But my meta statement and tag- line center on women. Even I, who identify as pro-life Democrat, often feel that many in our traditional movement seem to be “pro-birth.” This is understandable. The law hasn’t protected unborn people in the past 44 ears. And we must do all we can to change that. Whatever our feelings about our current President, we must support and endorse all his movement toward the unborn. We can do that and still hold him accountable to be consistently pro-life about other lives.

I know that there is an effort called, “Make Pro-life Anti-abortion again!” understand the purpose behind this. The law does not legally protect unborn babies. And we must do all in our power to protect the unborn. But consider going beyond making abortion illegal. What about making it unthinkable? Doing this means we’ll have to shed a “pro-birth” image and show women that our alternatives give them better choices.

Abortion Single-Issue?
Pushing Alternatives

Banning abortion would not stop abortion. Making it illegal wouldn’t save all babies. Hardcore or uninformed women may still insist on getting abortions. Without better alternatives in place for them, they’d just go to greater lengths to abort their babies. In a way, I have a hard time arguing with the “back-alley” argument for this reason. You can’t just repeal Roe vs. Wade. You have to be ready with a replacement in place. We have parenting and adoption. Laws for both have improved. But maybe we could speed up the adoption process somewhat. And maybe we can make existing subsidies for qualified adoptive parents, more generous. How about replacing abortion with two-year foster care, as an option? That would certainly save many babies. Their moms and dads would be motivated and empowered to choose life for them.

Abortion Single-Issue?
Making Abortion A Bi-Partisan Issue

It’s no secret that abortion is a heavily partisan, divisive issue. It has been since its legalization. We can’t end something as long as its seen as one side’s domain. Our opposition is just as determined to protect “abortion access,” as we are to take it away. I’m convinced that abortion will always be a hot-button, partisan issue, as long as the abortion debate rages. As I write this, the two marches have ended. The Resistance March and the March 4 Life. In many other parts of the country, such marches will continue to be held. This is called grassroots influence. This doesn’t replace voting but is an excellent supplement to it. Both matter.
At every election, pro-life leaders will tell us to “Vote pro-life.” To do that is usually to vote for Republicans, even if protecting the unborn is the only issue they speak for us about. “”Vote for a pro-life candidate, even if you have to hold your nose to do it.”

Abortion Single-Issue?
Abortion N Elections

Their radical pro-abortion agenda explains why Democrats lost so badly. It isn’t the sole reason, but I see it as a contributor. Especially at the Presidential level. Hillary’s position on “abortion rights” was well-known. Planned Parenthood funded her campaign and endorsed her in the primaries. They backed her in the general election. Several times, Hillary appeared with Cecile Richards while campaigning. She expressed her intent to expand and increase Planned Parenthood funding. Though she expressed discomfort with late-term abortion, she stated that it should be available “when the mother’s life or health are at risk.” This is sad. The Democrats talk about rebuilding their party. I want to cry, “Reach out to the estimated 24 million pro-life Democrats! Allow some to be elected to lead and have a voice!”

Take simple action. Support this campaign, which lets you send letters to Congress. Call on them to not just ban abortion, but strengthen alternatives! Take action now.

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Abortion Single-Issue?

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