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Women Face Punishment 4 Illegal Abortions?

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Women Face Punishment 4 Illegal Abortions?
Prollife Meme

Women face punishment 4 illegal abortions?

Illegal acts are crime.

Crimes call for punishment.

We want abortion to be made abortion illegal.

This would make abortion a crime.

Doesn’t this mean that women should face punishment 4 illegal abortions?

Women Face Punishment 4 Illegal Abortions?
The Controversy

Traditionally, the pro-life movement hasn’t raised this issue. Most pro-life workers, speakers, and activists view women as victims. The abortion industry kills their babies. Abortion workers and doctors exploit women and make money off their misery and their abortions. So many of these women come to them, facing incredibly difficult situations. The last thing many of these women need to deal with is a pregnancy. It’s only reluctantly, with shame and hopelessness, that so many choose to terminate their pregnancies. So can such women be called and treated as cold-blooded killers?

Donald Trump had ignited this controversy months ago. In Hardball with Chris Matthews, Matthews had grilled Trump about what how he would write laws for women if abortion becomes illegal. “Should these women be punished?” Trump kept dodging Matthews. Then Matthews nailed him: “If abortion becomes illegal, you have to do something about the law-breaker. What about the women? This isn’t a question you can dodge.” Cornered, Trump finally said, “Well, the way I see it, is that they should face some kind of punishment.” And his party, pro-life as many of their politicians are, have never discussed punishing women. That I know of.

Women Face Punishment 4 Illegal Abortions?
Should Illegal Abortion Be Treated Differently from Other Crimes?

Crime calls for consequences. Murder calls for consequences. Especially where direct victims are involved. This accountability can come in many different forms. We’re aware of the spectrum. Counseling is the mildest consequence, which often the court pays for if ordered. Other consequences consist of community service. Fines move higher up the scale. House arrest and jail obviously go to those deemed guilty but able to get back into society. Prison, of course, is the worst form of punishment, especially if the sentence lasts for many years. We usually
reserve this kind of measure for violent offenders. So, in the case of abortion become made illegal once more, should women face consequences?

Many see post-abortive women as victims. Sr should they be treated as such, as in statutory rape cases? (Statutory rape is when underage kids willingly engage in sexual activity with older people. In this case of abortion, the woman is a “willing victim.” She “wants” to have an abortion, but often doesn’t know what she’s doing. Often she doesn’t know about alternatives. Yet she often didn’t give true consent because she was lied to or not educated about alternatives or fetal development. How can we punish women if we see them as victims? This one gives me mixed feelings also. But we want to make abortion illegal, don’t we? Then we can’t duck this question. For a victim, an invisible victim, was involved. A baby. A lost life.

Women Face Punishment 4 Illegal Abortion?
Case By Case?

In crimes, the system assigns punishment case by case. It depends on the offender’s knowledge and intent. Did she know just what the meaning of her act was? What about alternatives? Was she aware of those? Did she plan her offense and intend it to happen? Was she bullied, threatened or coerced into the act? The Consequences range from probation with counseling, all the way to long prison sentences. If abortion becomes illegal, it should become a crime. Right? This means that women should be treated on a case by case basis. Just like anyone else.

Aware of how the justice system works? What about those women who abortion mainly for convenience or as a form of birth control? These women didn’t face a hardship situation. They just didn’t want a baby to mess up their way of life. And then they may have zero regret about “my choice.” Shouldn’t these women face consequences, even prison terms? Probably. And what about those women who faced situations that pushed the to abortion? Take lack of support. Coercion by her family and significant others. Unawareness of alternatives. No knowledge of fetal development. With mitigators like these, should these women be required to get counseling? Maybe do community, even at schools or colleges? Probably. IT’s a question we can’t avoid. We can’t have it both ways.

Women Face Punishment 4 Illegal Abortions?
What about Abortion Workers and Abortion Doctors?

You may have been wondering about abortion workers or abortion doctors. They enable, even participate in abortion. It’s the doctor whose instruments kill the baby and butcher the mom’s body. If abortion is criminalized, what about these parties? Abortion workers are those who don’t do perform the act themselves. They simply work at the facility. Maybe they do it on a volunteer basis. They may believe that they’re serving the women who come to them. Maybe it’s just a way to make a living. Abby Johnson’s book, Unplanned, has given me insight on abortion workers and the doctors.

Abortion workers often sincerely intend to serve women. They intend no harm. Many believe the notion that abortion is a “necessary evil.” They don’t work in these settings out of malice or sinister motives. It’s the doctors and the Directors who probably make the most money off abortion. Greed may contribute to why they do what they do. So consequences for them? Well, if abortion becomes illegal, these facilities would shut down. These participants would have to go underground to do illegal abortions. In the cases of abortion doctors who do illegal abortions, maybe prison terms would fit their crimes. Abortion workers? This one is more unclear. Case by case!

Women Face Punishment 4 Illegal Abortions?

Women face punishment 4 illegal abortions? We don’t want to focus on punishing them. I know that abolitionists, who don’t identify as prolife, favor punishment for women. What is often left out of this discussion is, how do we prevent the need to even get here? If abortion becomes illegal, prolife workers have to work even harder to provide alternatives. Pregnancy resource centers will see many more clients come to them. We’ll need to step up supporting these centers. Give them more supplies, dollars, and volunteer time! We need to shout for the life we are for, rather than rant against the abortion that we despise. We’ll need to pressure those in power to fund and strengthen alternatives. Maybe they can get creative in giving women even more options. If abortion becomes illegal, we’ll be needed as much as ever! Brace ourselves!

However you feel about this, visit here to let Congress know that we want to end abortion and give women better choices!

Want to be part of the solution? Visit here to locate your local pregnancy resource center. See how you can help women and save their babies. Donate or volunteer!

Pregnant yourself, and in need? Call 1-800-712-HELP (4357) or text “Helpline” to 313131.

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