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Pro-life Petition Needs 90 Signatures

Pro-Life Petition Needs 90 Signatures!

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Pro-Life Petition Needs 90 Signatures

Help (Small)

A pro-life petition needs 90 signatures to get to 200 signatures.

What pro-life petition is this?

Call for all caring professionals to inform those facing crisis pregnancies, of alternatives to abortion.

Pro-life Petition Needs 90 Signatures
Caring Professionals N Informed Consent

Caring professionals hold the key to ending abortion. Making it unthinkable. These are doctors, nurses, teachers, counselors, and principals. Social workers, professors, pastors, and lawyers. These are educated, skilled people. Many of them, at some point or other, will deal with those facing unplanned or crisis pregnancies. From my experience and research, virtually all caring professionals are familiar with Planned Parenthood and abortion. They tend to be quick to recommend abortion to troubled people in unplanned pregnancies. Early in my high-risk pregnancy with my daughter, one doctor told me, “If things get too much for your health, there’s therapeutic abortion.” Later my pregnancy, another specialist asserted: “If you baby is born with a birth defect, abortion is an option. It’s legal.”

Pro-life Petition Needs 90 Signatures
The Difference Informed Consent Can Make

Why are caring professionals so quick to suggest abortion? Apparently, they don’t get any training, in most cases, about local alternatives like pregnancy resource centers. These centers outnumber Planned Parenthood facilities. I find this sad! Countless women have had abortions and had little knowledge about their options. Maybe they didn’t know how to access these options. Every caring professional ought to have a list of local pregnancy resource centers and other resources. And be ready when dealing with those facing crisis pregnancies. This requirement would probably save many babies and moms from abortion!

Our new Congress and President have promised to defund Planned Parenthood. When this is done, alternatives will become even more important. I’m sure most of these pro-choice women know about alternatives or what goes on behind the doors of pregnancy resource centers. So click the button below. Let’s get this petition to the 200 signatures milestone!

Prolife Petition Needs 90 Signatures!

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