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Women’s March N Pro-life-Abortion Debate 2017

Women's March N Pro-life Abortion Debate 2017

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Women's March N Pro-life Abortion Debate 2017

Women’s March N pro-life abortion debate 2017.

Women’s March N Pro-life Abortion Debate 2017
Never-Ending Divide

History is being made. The Women’s March N abortion debate shows this. Today’s march was estimated to be the biggest anti-inauguration protest in history. About half of Americans feel happiness, optimism or relief. But the other America? They mourn, they’re scared, they’re mad. We’re as divided as ever. The festivities obscure it. Already, protesters are making their unhappiness known. Most are doing this peacefully. But some are showing violence. Same old, same old. No motivational speech is going to heal these factions anytime soon. What is an integral part of this partisan divide? Enter Women’s March vs. pro-life abortion debate 2017! Already, both sides are bashing each other over abortion. “Stand with women!” cry one side. “Defund Planned Parenthood! Stop the killing!” declare the other side. Factions are nothing new. But our divide is as intense as ever.
Republicans on one side. Democrats on the other.

Women’s March N Pro-life Abortion Debate 2017
Women vs. Babies?

January 20, 2017 brought us our new President. Despite his alleged ties to Russia and alleged abuse of women, he’s installed in the White House. Though he was caught on tape bragging about grabbing women’s genitals, many of those ladies helped get him elected. He has insulted almost every people group, and he’s now our Commander-in-Chief. Tape captured his invitation to Russia, to hack Hillary’s email server. He appears to be friends with Putin, no friend of the U.S. That didn’t keep him from the highest office in the land. And yet? Because he is pro-life about abortion, sadly, none of this seems to matter. That is why so much many amongst us are afraid or angry. Many in the pro-choice camp can point to us and declare: Behold your Champion! One whose stated positions protect life in the womb and ignore it after birth!

Commonly, the pro-choice movement sees itself as “standing with women.” The pro-life movement sees itself as “standing with babies.” Though pro-life workers try to convey that we’re for women, many don’t see it that way. We need a breakthrough! Factions and “culture wars” solve nothing. The comments and posts I see from both sides, in cyberscpace, show this.

Women’s March N Pro-life Abortion Debate
Needed: Democrats

Democrats are hosting events that are pro-abortion. I won’t argue that. Lamentably, the Democratic Party has become linked to abortion. Planned Parenthood has become wed to the party. But these many women are also agitating for other issues that pro-lifers should support. Protection for minorities. Protests against racism. Compassion in immigation reform. Reserving our environment. Protecting Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. Crony capitalism. These are life issues. And we, who advocate for the unborn, lose cedibility when we seem insensitive to the other life issues. Though many pro-lifers understandably see Dems as the “pro-death party,” according to Democrats for Life of America (DFLA), there are about 24 million pro-life Democrats. Many Democrats treasure the sanctity of unborn human life.

Where are these 24 million pro-life Democrats? Has the Democratic leadership begin reaching out to them in their campaigns? Even permit them leadership positions within the Democratic party? Have Democrats considered that their pro-abortion stance may be part of the reason they lost?
Dems, stop silencing your own!

Women’s March N Pro-life Abortion Debate 2017
Challenge 4 President Trump

President Trump has an opportunity to unite this country. He can, first of all, take responsibility for all he has said and done, to denigrate and demean women. In the past and in his campaign. He can speak to the fears, concerns, and anger of those women, currently protesting him and his policies. Show heartfelt contrition for his ant-women rhetoric. Assure these ladies that his desire to defund Planned Parenthood doesn’t make him their enemy. Make the case that choosing life for their babies, empowers them. Makes for true equality and girl power. Our new President needs to reach out to Democrats. President Trump must stop ignoring those who have deep, real reasons for why they don’t support him. President, we need your leadership!

Please sign this embedded petition below! Tell the Democratic Party to stop muzzling pro-life Democrats! And thank you.

And then pay a visit to this website!

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