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Examining Abortion N Black LIves Matter


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Examining Abortion N Black Lives Matter

Examining Abortion N Black Lives Matter?

Black Lives Matter is a controversial movement.

The pro-life movement is a controversial movement.

Exploring Abortion N Black Lives Matter
Deeply Divided Country

We’re all aware of one thing. The U.S. is a deeply divided country. The inauguration of an incoming President will be punctuated by pomp and ceremony. Many protests and marches will also take place. As all of us can see, the bruising, bloody 2016’s brutal effects will remain with us for a long time. Lots of people fear the loss of vital benefits that they count on to survive. Many people feel terror at being split from loved ones over deportation. Minority citizens fear that their lives won’t be protected under a new Presidency and administration. Others are delighted that a health care plan will be dismantled. They are glad that the unborn will be protected. More of them will be, at least.

Exploring Abortion N Black Lives Matter
Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter fears the new Presidency and administration. Black Lives Matter refers to all people who advocate for equal justice for Black citizens. People, Black, Caucasian, and any descent, identify with this movement. The controversial Trayvon Martin case/George Zimmerman acquittal helped spawn the movement. The message from the Martin/Zimmerman verdict said: “Some lives count more than others.” This being an unacceptable message, Black Lives Matter was born. Since then, sadly, many more Blacks have experienced violence at the hands of cops. Now I know all about Black on Black crime, statistically. But when homicides have a racial element, as Martin’s did, those of the “wrong skin color often don’t get equal justice under the law.

Exploring Abortion N Black Lives Matter
Where Abortion Comes In

Where do abortion and the pro-life movement come in? What do we have to do with Black Lives Matter?Why don’t Blacks and other minority people view as their allies? Many don’t. And it’s not a matter of whether of politics, either. Or whether they support Republicans or Democrats. It’s a life issue. Pro-lifers like to declare: “Black lives matter, starting in the womb!” That’s forever true. All of us, including all Black people, start out as unborn babies. My above image declares this truth. We lament that Black Lives Matter supporters often don’t consider their unborn brothers and sisters. That those lives matter. And yes, in New York, research tells us a disturbing fact. Half of all unborn black babies will never be born. That’s according to Human Coalition. I’m sure figures are similar in other states, if not that high. But if the pro-life message doesn’t resonate with so many in the Black community, why?

Exploring Abortion N Black Lives Matter
Uniting Two Communities

It’s tragic that two advocacy movements seem to be at odds. Both movements advocate for the lives of a people group. One champions the lives of all those who are Black. The other speaks for the lives of all who aren’t yet born. How can we reach across both sides? Just as with the
2016 election, find common ground. Both movements speak for those who are marginalized and vulnerable. Blacks and other minorities are also marginalized and vulnerable. The unborn are marginalized and vulnerable. These give us much common ground. I find it sad that both sides see each other almost as enemies. If abortion is pushed especially on Blacks, no wonder they don’t “get” us! We’re the ones who often subscribe to the message of peace in the person of Christ. So I think it’s up to us to reach out. We need to listen to Black Lives Matter supporters. And they need to listen to us.

Pregnancy resource centers serve all. No matter who they are or where they come from. So if you know of anyone who has an unplanned or crisis pregnancy, you can look up her local pregnancy resource center. They’ll provide all the love, encouragement, guidance and direction she needs to choose life for her baby.

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