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Abortion N 2017

Abortion N 2017

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Abortion N 2017

Abortion N 2017.
Can we aspire to ending abortion this year?
What New Year’s Resolution should we make?

Abortion N 2017
What New Year’s Resolution should we make?

It’s a time of New Year’s resolutions. For many of us. We’ll change our diets. Adopt healthy lifestyles. Take up exercise programs. Move around more and lose weight. We’ll do things in the new year that we didn’t do last year. And usually, we find that keeping these resolutions is too much of a hardship. Already, I have seen prolife memes. They’ve declared: “Let 2017 be the year that we’ll end abortion!” ” That’s a laudable goal. I’m sure that many in the prolife movement have resolved this every new year. Ever since the start of 1974! Personally, I no longer make New Year’s resolutions. I haven’t made them for years. Is ending abortion a resolution we can realistically keep? There’s nothing wrong with having big plans for a new year. And we never want to give up the fight to save lives and help people in crisis.

Abortion N 2017
What We can Expect?

And yet, abortion will continue to kill babies daily in 2017. And if politicians succeed in stripping Planned Parenthood of public funds? This corporation will get more private funds from other sources. Weeks ago, a person in my network urged supporters to donate to places like Planned Parenthood “if you want to keep up the fight.” They won’t let their leverage go without a fight!

Abortion N 2017
How Close Are We 2 Ending Abortion?

We’re far from banning abortion. Our culture has gotten too used to it. How are the going to be if abortion suddenly becomes unavailable? As it is, too many people are horrified at the very idea. A whole generation has grown up, knowing nothing but seeing abortion be legal. To them, the idea of illegal abortion is an unknown. This is why the Heartbeat bill, which protects babies from six weeks after conception, is controversial. The opposition remains strong enough that efforts to pass it, in some states, have failed.

Abortion N 2017
The Influence of the Other Side

Pro-abortion lobbyists and advocates have always managed to strike it down. We remember how they carried on before the Ohio Governor vetoed the Heartbeat bill a few weeks ago. And the reason he vetoed it? “It would be instantly struck down and result in lawsuits. It would ultimately slow down the reversing of Roe vs. Wade.” Yet the Ohio Gov., John Kasich signed the 20-week ban which makes abortion illegal when an unborn baby can feel pain.
The 20-week ban, called the Pain-Capable Act, is more acceptable than the Heartbeat bill. Is this a reflection of how close we actually are, to ending abortion? Will legislation bring an end to abortion?

Abortion N 2017
Let’s Keep A Fighting Mentality

We must not give up. Yet what is it we should be fighting? Is our war with the “liberal Democrats” and the “pro-abortion forces”? Are they our true enemies? In many ways, they think differently from us. But are there any areas where we think alike? I know that many, on both sides, won’t even want to explore such a possibility. It’s true.

How about preventing unwanted pregnancies? Both sides agree on this. But one side tends to lean on the side of free, unrestricted birth control. The other side tends to focus on wise sexual choices, especially abstinence. Both sides agree on adoption. We have an incoming President and Congress, dominated by the party that claims a commitment to protecting the unborn. Yet, even when conservatives have dominated, did abortions stop? No. And will they end abortion in 2017? How can they do that in a society that is used to abortion, for almost two generations?

If changing laws isn’t enough, what is? AS long as people’s hearts remain unchanged, laws can only restrain the hardhearted. But how do we change the hearts of people? Especially of the stereotypical women who abort for convenience? And the hearts of families who pressure their daughters to abortion, to protect reputations?

Abortion N 2017
Changing Hearts

Making abortion illegal isn’t the end goal. Making it undesirable is. What good does it do to make abortion unavailable if women if the industry just goes underground and get more covert in their abortions? Families bent on saving reputations will devise ways to secure abortions for their daughters. Women bent on aborting for their convenience, will risk illegal abortions. Yes, many babies may be saved. But we want women and families to freely choose life. We need both laws to protect babies, and alternatives to help their parents in crisis. This is called a consistent life ethic. We make it clear that to be pro-life is to treasure mom’s life and her baby’s life. All lives. All the time. In 2017, we need to step it up to try to do what we attempted in 2016. To save babies. To help moms.

How do hearts get changed? It doesn’t happen just because something that tempts them (in this case, abortion) become unavailable. People’s hearts are changed when we’re given love, resources, support, and encouragement. And we come to see that we don’t “need” the thing that tempted us. How can we help make this happen?

Visit this page and look up the pregnancy resource center nearest you. Support them in their efforts to give women and men in crisis, alternatives! Donate or volunteer.

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Abortion N 2017

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