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Simple Action 2 Ban Abortion N Save Babies

Abortion According 2 Planned Parenthood?Pro-life Meme

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Simple Action 2 Ban Abortion N Save Babies
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Simple action 2 ban abortion N save babies!

Simple Action 2 Ban Abortion N Save Babies
The Need

Take simple action to ban abortion. And save babies. One 100% pro-life petition runs on Change.org. First, it ran on ThePetitionSite. But I know I can pick up new supporters on a second platform. The unborn can’t speak up for themselves. Many of us can’t afford to travel. Maybe we lack have the time to travel. Live lifestyles that prohibit travel. Not possess lobbying power. Lack large nonprofits backing. But all of us can do something to speak up! The tiny pre-born human beings need our voices! Their lives aren’t protected by law. Go back to the year 1960. If the writer’s hadn’t been protected by law, I’m not sure I would be here. I was the result of an unplanned, untimely conception.

We’re all former unborn children. Many others, born before Roe vs. Wade, are glad that, as unborn children, their lives had been protected by law. Don’t babies today deserve the same protection?

Simple Action 2 Ban Abortion N Save Babies
Abortion Toll

Take simple action to ban abortion. And save babies. The abortion toll has spun out of control. For four decades, killing babies has been legal. It has been culturally accepted. Abortion has been re-named as choice. A reproductive right. Bodily autonomy. A privacy issue. Even health care. We call for it to be regulated like any medical procedure. But as abortion abolitionists remind us, abortion isn’t a medical procedure. It’s the taking of helpless, tiny human beings. Their only “crime” is being conceived at an inconvenient time for those around them. That’s what this petition is about.

Politicians are busy people. With much on their plates. Political pressure often induces them to act. This Change.org petition calls for them to protect unborn babies by law. But making abortion illegal again isn’t enough. We must also call for laws that make abortion alternatives more attractive to those facing crisis pregnancies. those in such pregnancies, if given the option of a two-year temporary foster care option, may be much more motivated to choose life for their babies. Adoption laws need to be strengthened. Funds need to be released for health care services that serve low-income women and families.

Be heard! Take simple action to ban abortion. And save babies. This petition calls for many things. It calls for abortion to be made illegal. This campaign also calls for better laws surrounding abortion alternatives. We need to make our voices heard on these things.

Simple Action 2 Ban Abortion N Save Babies!
Petitions Help Make A Difference

Petitions can help improve things. Some people think that they don’t change anything. Even if they agree with petitions, they won’t sign them. This is unfortunate. No, success is never guaranteed. However, we won’t effect any change if we don’t try. Adding your signature to a petition takes minutes of your time. Take simple action to ban abortion. And save babies! Yes, you’ll have to set up an account on the website, but Change.org doesn’t spam its users. A few petition platforms appear to be spammy. While Change.org isn’t perfect, it’s one of the best platforms out there. The point is, we need to do what we’re able to do.

The unborn need our voices. You can increase your impact by leaving a comment with your signature. You can further help by circulating this petition and helping it grow. If you feel so called and moved to do so, you may even sponsor this petition. This means, even more voices. We must be relentless in speaking up for the helpless and voiceless unborn in any way we can.

Please join me in this effort! And thank you so much!

Please CLICK HERE to add your name to this new Change.org petition. Thank you!

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T2 Anyone Facing Crisis Pregnancy

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