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Dealing W Crisis Pregnancy?

Dealing W Crisis Pregnancy?

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Dealing W Crisis Pregnancy?

Dealing W a crisis pregnancy?

This post is for you if you’re dealing with an unplanned, unwanted or difficult pregnancy.

This post is for you if you’re pregnant and in crisis.

This post is for you if you’ve gotten her pregnant.

This post is for you if you love a person in this crisis.

This posts is for you if you work with people in this crisis.

Dealing W Crisis Pregnancy?
Your Immediate Situation

What can I do? You probably are wondering. You’re no doubt scared, confused, even feeling hopeless. You’re probably afraid of telling anyone, including your parents. You know they’ll be disappointed. Now you’ve ruined your life! Wait, though. Maybe you’ll be able to hold your boyfriend now. Maybe a new baby will make your husband get his act together. But you know that the responsibility of a baby will more likely make things worse. You may not have a place of your own to raise a baby in, or a job.

Your feelings are valid. You had such hopes for your future. You certainly didn’t want to become a mom yet. Raising a child is a big responsibility. If you do the job well. You wanted a baby when life was stable and you had money. This life inside you is untimely. This life inside you is inconvenient. This was not in the plan! How will you get out of this mess! But wait, part of you wants to have and even raise your baby. You don’t want to kill your baby! But how can you make that work? What a dilemma!

Dealing W Crisis Pregnancy?
What Your Culture Tells You

Your culture has one handy answer. What is culture? Likely, this means your school and your counselor. This culture may include your boyfriend or your husband. How about your doctor and your parents? Culture means them too. Any of them knows about Planned Parenthood (PP). They hear about it in the news. These people may never use its services themselves. Oh, no! But they’ll be quick to recommend it to you. They consider it a wonderful charity for poor women. Why? The media and politicians have convinced them that PP is a safety net. However, they may not realize that abortions aren’t cheap. You’ll have to fork over hundreds of dollars for the abortion.

Significant others mean well. They may think that the abortion will solve your problems. This step frees you to live your life just like before! No one else may need to know that you were ever pregnant. You can believe that your family and friends will have strong reactions. They may pressure you into getting an abortion. Especially if you were raped! What sense is there in having a baby you aren’t ready for? Don’t want? Can’t afford? Why should you be made to bear a “child of rape”? Why, even so-called prolife politicians often have “rape and incest exception”! Certainly, if you have health issues or a chronic condition, your family and doctor may steer you toward getting an abortion. If your prenatal test may have indicated that your baby will have a poor prenatal diagnosis, you’ll likely be told about abortion.

Your feelings? You may most likely be ambivalent about having your baby. And with voices trying to steer you toward the abortion “solution,” what should you do? What about having your baby as a choice? Maybe it can work out. What if it doesn’t? Should you please your parents? Your boyfriend? But your wish has pressures! On the other hand, you may have others in your life who claim they’ll support you either way. You may have prolife people in your life trying to talk you out of abortion. Or, no one may know.This culture has so bought into abortion as the solution to everything that abortion may have been the first thought that came into your mind when you got your upsetting news. Confusing!

Dealing W Crisis Pregnancy?

Abortion is by far best-known when it comes to options. Thanks largely to this culture! People talks about “abortion rights.” Thanks to politicians and the media. Probably no pregnant girl or woman in crisis has to be informed about abortion. Who doesn’t know about legal abortion? If abortion takes a life, though, is it an option? Can you choose to kill your baby? You know about adoption. But because society is so ignorant about it, you may be poorly informed about it. You are probably horrified at the very thought. How can you “give away” your baby to affluent strangers?

Adoption is a viable option. But what if you do get your life straightened out? Still, you would have zero contact with with a baby you place in adoption. If she wanted to re-unite with you when she becomes an adult, that would be great. But it wouldn’t be the same. You would always be just her “birthmom.” You’re thinking about adoptions as they were handled in the past. In the past, adoption was shrouded in secrecy and shame. Major stigma was attached to adoption. Adoption laws have improved today, though they still need to be strengthened.

Then parenting remains a viable option. No, it would be tough in your situation. You need extra support! Choices? Well, it’s possible to marry the father of your baby. With support, you can raise your baby by yourself. However, this has hardships and has disadvantages for the child. Find help and resources to empower you to choose life for your baby. Abortion may seem like the easy way out but will bring you long-term pain. And it’ll take from your baby her whole life. THe temporary relief isn’t worth the long-term pain.

Dealing W Crisis Pregnancy
You Have Alternatives!

What is an alternative to Planned Parenthood (PP)? Pregnancy resource centers! It’s unfortunate that pregnancy resource centers (PRCs) are much less known than PP clinics. What do many facing crisis pregnancies think about first? Sadly, it’s probably PP. Unless I’m missing something, I doubt it that PRCS first come to mind. But there are many more PRCs than PP clinics. And as for the services that PRCs don’t or can’t provide, don’t worry. They refer you to services to get at a community health clinic. There are resources where you can reach out and find help. It’s usually free. It’s confidential and safe.

Places that do abortion make money off those abortions. Many of those who do abortions may want your money. And then are done with you. Those who offer abortion alternatives offer these out of the goodness of their hearts. And usually free of charge. They’ll let you know about supports in your community that may be available if you want to raise your baby. They may even go with you to help you tell your parents that you’re pregnant. They will tell you the truth about abortion. They’ll tell you how your baby develops month after month. You’ll be able to see your own baby on ultrasound. They’ll tell you the facts about adoption. Even if you’re getting ready to have an abortion at PP, they may have mobile medical units pick you up and take you to a PRC!

Here are some of these resources.

Optionline This website is devoted exclusively to girls and women facing crisis pregnancies. They have a chat feature and info about all your options.

You can call toll-free: 1-800-712-HELP(4357). You will be connected to a pregnancy resource center. These centers offer all their services free and confidential. They offer pregnancy tests, counseling, and ultrasounds. They will not tell you what to do but will go over all your options. They offer medical and social referral services. They offer maternity clothes, baby clothes, and toys. They offer diapers and other supplies.
You can text “Helpline” to 313131.

LifeCall This website is also devoted to pregnant girls and women in crisis.

You can text SHELTER to 313131.

Email: mail@lifecall.org

Stand Up Girl This is a website devoted to those facing crisis pregnancies. They have a chat feature, info about all your options and a forum.

You can text PREGNANT to 313131.

Find A Pregnancy Resource Center You can enter your zip code at the bottom left of this webpage and locate your nearest pregnancy resource center.


Contact me and get support!

T2 Anyone Facing Crisis Pregnancy

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