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Not Simply One Day R T Year

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I have placed Your ordinances before me. I cling to Your testimonies O LORD... Psalm 119:30-31

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Not Simply One Day R T year
Personal Prolife Meme

Not simply one day R T year!

Sanctity of Life Sunday.

That day many congregations set aside for some time in January.

Why do we need one day of the year? For Christians?

Not simply One Day R T Year
The Idea Behind Sanctity of Life Sunday

It’s not simply one day R T year. Sanctity of Life Sunday. This day brings life issues into focus. Especially abortion. Before 1973, the law respected all human life, including the unborn. After abortion was legalized, we didn’t. We took the sanctity of all life for granted. As we should be able to. Now, sadly, we have to defend it. According to a resource I will link to to below, a former President, Ronald Reagan, created Sanctity of Life Day. He set it apart for january 13, 1984, as National Sanctity of Human Life Day. Sadly, such a day remains as needed as ever.

Not Simply Another Day R T Year
Why the Controversy?

Sanctity of Life Sunday is controversial. Some of our opposition may like to tout birth control and Planned Parenthood as reducing abortions. But abortion still takes the lives of some 3200 babies daily, in the U.S. alone. A “die with dignity” movement is active. The word is a euphemism for euthanasia. Some politicians are seeking to legalize it. Suicides are up, most notably among military veterans. About 22 of these vets end their lives daily. Children, even in their elementary school years, are ending their lives. Why? They couldn’t stand relentless bullying. Suicides are especially high in the LGBTQ community. So abortion is a slippery slope to “normalize” other forms of killing. Life has ceased being sacred in the eyes of many in our culture.

Not Simply One Day R T Year
Did Sanctity of Life Sunday, Did My Share

Church apathy is prevalent. But many congregations observe Sanctity of Life Sunday. It may be the only time they focus on life issues. This is according to my research and experience. These are the so-called “prolife, conservative” congregations. Rather, these congregations attract “pro-life conservatives.” It’s easy to believe that members, and the staff of these congregations are prolife. After all, aren’t we known by those whom we align ourselves with? Maybe we shouldn’t be too quick to think this. After all, apathy toward prolife involvement, in a way, is often worst in such congregations. For most members and the pastor may tell themselves, “I went to a Sanctity of Life service. And I heard the sermon. As the pastor, I preached a sermon. We held this day in our church. So this means I did my share, right? Well, did you?

Not Simply Another Day R T Year
Why Aren’t Abortions Stopping?

Sanctity of Life Sunday is merely a positive start. Examine the abortion rate alone again. In the U.S. alone, this act kills thousands of babies daily. Women get led to believe they would “solve” a “problem.” Instead, they get a new set of problems. These women discover new guilt, shame, grief, and a secret they dare not share. Their families have to abide by a “code of silence” our abortion-soaked culture forces on us. Therefore, should we uphold the sanctity of human life just one day a year? Don’t we have major work cut out for us?

Not Simply One Day R T Year
Did You Know?

It’s not simply another day R T year. Your congregation may observe Sanctity of Life Sunday. Did you know that many congregations don’t? Such churches often call themselves “progressive.” They keep silent about abortion. “The Bible doesn’t mention the word abortion. Jesus never mentioned it. So why talk about something the Bible is silent on?” Yes, we’re wise to be silent on topics the Bible says nothing about. But is the Bible silent about life being sacred from conception on? Check out Psalm 139: 13-16. Examine the story of Jesus’ conception and birth in Matt. 1:18-25 and Luke 1: 25-26, 2:5-6.

Not Simply Another Day R T Year
Faith-Based Concern

Clearly we’re living human beings in the eyes of God. From conception on. And He said much about killing living human beings. Shedding innocent blood. He said, “You shall not Kill.” Whether your congregation observes Sanctity of Life Sunday or not, good news! We need no rely on our congregations to uphold the sanctity of human life. While one day of the year isn’t enough, it’s sad that many congregations don’t even set aside this one day. It shows us that many pastors and church leaders don’t put priority on upholding the sanctity of all human life. If they did, they’d set aside a day for it. We take time for what matters to us! Too many may even support abortion as a “right.” Yes, I’ve heard of professing Christians who work at Planned Parenthood. A few even do abortions. Wow! Don’t we have work to do!

Not Simply One Day R T Year
Every Day Sanctity of Life Day

Sanctity of Human Life Sunday fills a need. It makes people aware that all life is sacred, that it’s under attack, and what we can do about it. Because abortions and other life issues happen daily, shouldn’t our involvement also be daily? And what can we do? Pregnancy resource centers, which serve women and save babies, exist to help all year. But they can do nothing without our support. They need our prayers, money, supplies, and time. We may have an incoming Congress and President who profess to be prolife, but they need our encouragement and pressure to help moms and protect babies with their laws. Some of us can travel and contact Congress in person.

Not Simply Another Day R T Year
Small or Big Things

All of us can support prolife petitions. Got money? Consider dropping a fat donation to Human Coalition or to Heartbeat International so they can connect women in need with pregnancy resource centers in their areas. Give money, supplies, or time to your local pregnancy resource center, which you can look up here. We can all help women and save babies. Each of us can promote life. Reach out to those in need in our lives.

Tell Congress that we don’t want abortion; we want alternatives! Visit here, sign, and share. Thank You!

Learn more from this site about Sanctity of Life Sunday.

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Not Just Another Day R T Year

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