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Abortion’s Political Identity

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Abortion's Political Identity
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Abortion’s political identity is found in the statements below.

I don’t want to get political, but abortion is part of today’s prayer request.

In this class, abortion is a forbidden topic. No controversial topics are allowed.

As a pastor, I don’t preach on abortion. I don’t want us known just as a pro-life congregation.

I have strong feelings on certain issues but I refuse to speak to them. It’s not pastoral.

As an outreach to a general audience, abortion won’t be discussed. WE’re here to attract people to Christ.

Abortion’s Political Identity
A Peaceful Transition to Power?

Abortion’s political identity is polarizing. How did we come to see it that way? The two major political parties run opposing abortion planks. The democratic Party leadership runs on one plank. They support abortion as a basic women’s right. One that should never be taken from any female. Any attempt to do so? It’s government intrusion into her life. Abortion also, according to these leaders, saves children from suffering due to potential adversity. Abuse. Disabilities. Being unwanted. Posing a problem for society. Even saving a potential life.

Abortion services society. That’s what Planned Parenthood believes. Pregnancy termination, advocates tell us, serve society. It can prevent criminals and undesirable people from being born.
Abortion should be available if contraception fails. Give women control over their bodies! Get the government out of this! Let her make the choice!

The Republican Party leadership oppose abortion. Just the opposite of the Dems. Why? Abortion is murder of babies before birth. These are living human beings. Their right to live is one that must never be taken away. For any reason. Yes, a substantial number of these Republicans have “exceptions.” Rape and incest. Maybe fetal deformity. In most cases, circumstances don’t matter. The hardship it means for a woman isn’t a qualifier. Nor to her family or others. Giving birth to her baby will be best for her also. Government must get involved in this! Yet this party seems content with regulating what they deem as murder. At this time, the opposition tends to sneer: “Life starts at conception and ends at birth.”

Abortion’s Political Identity
The Role of Democrats

Abortion divides us as a society. What is sad part of this? One major factor. Both sides believe they are 100% right. The other side? You’re 100% wrong! Both of view the other as a threat to our culture’s moral compass. And no matter who we identify with, one thing’s certain. We’re passionate about abortion. I think it’s safe to say that abortion is an uncomfortable topic for most of us. I know it is for me! No matter who you are, you have an opinion about it. Don’t tell me you don’t. I don’t believe it. You may think you don’t care, but you do!

Who holds the key to healing this divide? One political party, the Democrats. They may hold the key to bridging the bitter, partisan, abortion divide. How? As the party who has endured massive 2016 electoral losses, they’re open to change. Couldn’t a big part of this change include reaching out to Christians? To pro-life voters? I’m sure that they lose many pro-life Dems who want to vote for them, but who feel they can’t. Instead, they feel they must “hold their nose” and vote for a Republican. A person they don’t even like. Just because he or she is pro-life about abortion.

Yes, Hillary Clinton is no longer a part of politics. She’s now a private citizen. Still, let’s pray for all pro-choice, pro-abortion advocates like her. Those of us who are Christians ought bring them to God regularly. Fervently pray for pro-abortion advocates like Hillary Clinton. Gloria Steinem. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg. Cecile Richards, C.E.O. of Planned Parenthood. Pray for those in our lives who support abortion as a right. Pray for their conversions to Jesus first. And then to the pro-life worldview. The more of them become pro-life, guess what? they’ll welcome pro-life voices in the Democratic party.

The U.S. remains as bitterly divided as ever. This division exists along partisan and racial lines. For the focus of this post, let’s focus on the partisan divide, which is related to racism. But for the purpose of this post, we’re focusing on abortion.

Abortion’s Political Identity
What Can Defunding Planned Parenthood Do?

We’re in the middle of an abortion political fight. Trying to strip Planned Parenthood of federal $$$. Defunding Planned Parenthood is sure to meet with intense opposition. Pro-abortion advocates, including lobbyists, won’t let go of their agenda without a fight. Prepare to battle that campaign every step of the way. Planned Parenthood has been “boning up” by frantically raising as many $$$ as they can. This is meant to back them up in the face of government defunding. How can pro-lifers diffuse this opposition and make this happen?

Is defunding Planned Parenthood enough? Without replacing it with an alternative? Will it harden their hearts against us as much as ever? Convince them that we just want to take women’s choices away? They see us as “anti-choice” as it is. I’m convinced that merely stripping the corporation of federal $$$ won’t get the opposition to listen to us. You can’t take away something from a people group (even something bad!) unless you replace it with something. That’s the way life works. A superior replacement! That’s where pro-life advocates must demand that the incoming President and Congress fund alternatives. Community clinics aren’t always free to use. I know that from observation and experience. Let’s take away even the appearance that we are just “anti-abortion” and “pro-birth”!

Want to defund the largest abortion provider in our culture? Then funding alternatives is a must. And we, as private citizens, ought to be more generous in supporting pregnancy resource centers with our awareness efforts, time, and $$$. We can help heal the divide in the U.S., caused by our clashing views on abortion.

Abortion’s Political Identity
What to Tell the New President & Congress

We have an incoming President and Congress. They call themselves pro-life. That doesn’t mean that we can sit back, assuming that they’ll keep their promises without our constant input and involvement. Remember, the other side isn’t about to let up their activism. Worried about their empire getting defunded, they’re in fighting mode. They’re not going to take pro-life progress lying down. “We must stand with women!” will remain their rallying cry. We must tell our incoming President Trump and an incoming Congress: Defund Planned Parenthood! It doesn’t cut it to stop there, though.

Then we need to work equally hard to strengthen alternatives. Get the government to make them more attractive. Let’s also stress that they need to fund the estimated 13,000 community clinics all over the U.S. Women do go to Planned Parenthood for some gynecological care. When we remove $$$ from their “care,” don’t stop there. Stress that they can get that care elsewhere. And we demand that these clinics get the $$$ instead of Planned parenthood.

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