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Unplanned Planned Pregnancy

Unplanned Planned Pregnancy

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Unplanned Planned Pregnancy
Prolife Meme. Courtesy of Human Coalition

Unplanned planned pregnancy?
Every child a wanted child!
Plan your parenthood!
Make your reproductive choices!
Every woman has the right to choose!

Unplanned Planned Pregnancy
Unplanned Pregnancy: Jesus’ Mother

An unplanned planned pregnancy. Jesus was conceived under such a situation. HIs mother Mary didn’t plan to get pregnant. She didn’t arrange her parenthood. She didn’t agitate about reproductive rights. Or her right to choose. I’m sure most of us are familiar with the story. Jesus’ mom received a supernatural visit. “You’re going to get pregnant and give birth to the Messiah, the Son of God.” (My paraphrase) Knowing full well how babies get started, Mary asked Gabriel, the angel:”How will this happen?” She learned that the Spirit of God would somehow invade her uterus. He’d grab one of her eggs and impregnate her. Hmmmm. Mary had to be feeling a lot of feelings by then! Confused? Scared? Overwhelmed? Being human, I’m sure she felt all these things!

Mary was not perfect. Not sinless. She was faithful, devout and courageous. WE can learn much from her. Now my Catholic peers believe that the mother of Jesus was holy and sinless. They have a prayer for that. The Rosary. Pray to Mary to access her Son. But nowhere does Scripture teach this! Mary was human. ANd affected by the Fall. But it was human, no sin, to react strongly to such bombshell news as Mary received. How did she respond? “I’m God’s servant-girl; let what happens with me happen!” (My paraphrase). What faith! Tradition has it that Jesus’ mom was probably 13 or 14 when she conceived Him. Our Redeemer was conceived in an unplanned, teen pregnancy.

Mary’s pregnancy would have been a Planned Parenthood nightmare. Rather, her life-affirming response would have.This was the exact opposite of their ideology and agenda. The agenda? To control and plan a natural process called conception. Hence contraceptives. Therefore back-up abortions. The story of Jesus’s conception turns all this on its head.

Unplanned Planned Pregnancy
Planned Pregnancy: God

Humans didn’t plan Mary’s pregnancy. But her pregnancy wasn’t wholly unplanned. Someone did plan Mary’s pregnancy, down to the finest detail. God. Why? In human history, since Adam and Eve, we had sinned against God. Being perfectly holy, He is also just. He had to satisfy His justice. But He loves us perfectly, and He wanted to forgive us. So, in His infinite wisdom, God set up His unique plan. Long ago, He decided to send His Son, the Third Person of the Trinity. God made His plans. To satisfy His justice and forgive us, God had to become fully human while staying God.

How would God bring His plan about? So God “needed” to find a virgin who would willingly bore His Son and raise Him. He would not have His Son come as a full-grown man. To identify with us, He had to go through all stages of human development. That’s why He chose Mary. Though she didn’t plan her pregnancy, He did! The gift of eternal life that we needed would come to us through unplanned childbearing and a baby. When He was a fetus and later, an infant, Jesus was as fully human as He was God. And as a child, teen and adult, this Son of God was was fully human as He was God. Now, in His glorified body, He is as fully human as He is God.

But none of this would have happened without unplanned conception. Unplanned by humans. Planned by God. Is there really such a thing as an unplanned baby? An unplanned pregnancy? Doesn’t God plan all pregnancies? All babies? Woo-hoo, Planned Parenthood?! I don’t hear you!

Unplanned Planned Pregnancy
Planned Pregnancy: Receive the Gift

God planned Jesus’ coming and Mary’s pregnancy. He wasn’t playing games. The Son Of God came here for a definite purpose. To seek and save us. Save us from what? He came to save us from the power of sin and from hell. Hell is sin’s penalty. The presence of sin is why we have contraception and abortion. And I must say, it’s why we have many unplanned pregnancies. Unplanned pregnancies aren’t son in or of themselves! But acts leading to them often are. When these conceptions come from the wrong use of sex, or from rape, guess what? They’re the result of sin. But the babies who come about are always planned and gifted by God.

Crisis pregnancies aren’t evils. Nor are they illnesses. So they need no cure. Mary’s pregnancy was the result of our needing to be saved. Our sins. All sin. But in itself, her childbearing was faithful and right. The story of Jesus’s conception and birth are the opposite of our abortion mentality. This story reveals an openness to life. EVen when it isn’t planned or convenient. It’s now up to us to receive the Gift of Jesus into our hearts and lives. That’s what the story is all about.

How do we receive the gift? We receive the gift through repentance. We repent by changing our minds about sin. Instead of calling it weakness or psychological disorders or whatever, we own up to being sinners. Then we turn to God. We believe, counting on Jesus to save us from sin and its penalty.

Unplanned Planned Pregnancy
Planned Pregnancy: Give Life

God has given each of us countless gifts. Surely we would want to give back of what we’ve been given. Behold how Jesus’s mom and later, his adoptive dad, trusted and obeyed God. And let’s follow their example. They gave by allowing their lives and futures be uprooted. One pregnancy, stigmatizing and misunderstood, disrupted their lives. Mary and Joseph chose life for Jesus. Yes, they exerted their right to choose and made the life-affirming choice.
And it led them into much hardship. But they are the only couple who got to raise a perfect human being. THey had the joy of knowing an honor given to no other.

Today’s women are living in a culture where we don’t view children as blessings. What can we do to help other women who are pregnant and struggling? We can support our local pregnancy resource centers. These centers, as the opposite of Planned Parenthood, provide many free services, guidance and resources, to help women choose life for their babies. Let’s support them with donations, time, and our prayers. And if we know anyone facing an unplanned pregnancy, let’s reach out to them. As one meme puts it: “An unplanned pregnancy saved us all” It doesn’t save us automatically, but you get the drift?

Visit here, search for your local pregnancy resource center, and see how to help woman welcome their unplanned babies!

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Unplanned Planned Pregnancy

Photo is courtesy of Human Coalition.

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