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Grant My Christmas Wish

Father's Day Prayer 4 Those Affected B Abortion

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For just as we have many members in one body and all the members do not have the same function...Romans 12:4-5

Grant My Christmas Wish
Prolife Meme

Grant my Christmas wish!
For moms and babies!
The holidays are a time of giving!

Grant My Christmas Wish
The Need

I have a Christmas wish. You can grant it. The holidays are known as the time to give more. We often make year-end gifts. Giving normally goes up this time of year. No doubt, churches and nonprofits like the holidays! And what is more noble than giving the gift of life? I can’t think of any. And the need is great. We’re familiar with all the lives being lost to terrorism and crime. Hunger and disease kill many. But my holiday wish involves helping moms and saving babies. Saving moms from being pressured into choosing abortions. Offering options to empower them to choose life for their babies. Rescuing those babies’ physical lives from death.

Grant My Christmas Wish
Pro-Choice Arguments

Pro-choice advocates may tout: “Thanks to birth control, abortions are down. We’re saving lives!” Really? A stat of 3200 babies losing their lives, daily, belies this. This is 3200 lives lost, daily, too many! This means that abortion kills some 38,400 babies yearly. All this happens in the U.S. alone! Can we just fathom the abortion rate worldwide, in all the countries where it remains legal? The need is enormous. The unborn aren’t protected by law. Their families, especially their moms, are surrounded by a code of silence. Our culture won’t let them grieve!

These moms and their babies need us!

Grant My Christmas Wish
More Foes of Ours

Some enemies can be recognized instantly. War and violence are among them. Other foes are much more subtle. In the West, we face them daily. Know what I’m talking about? Materialism. Consumerism. Traditionalism. Usually, we don’t recognize these things as foes. As these enemies influence us from early childhood from commercials and media, they infiltrate our thought patterns. That’s why so many of us lavish tons of resources on Christmas presents for our families, especially our children. We’ve got this notion that things make us happy. I know. I know. I’m like you. Materialism and consumerism have influenced me, especially when I was younger.

Grant My Christmas Wish
More Foes of Ours

Traditionalism is a foe when we get the idea that we must spend all this time and resources on festivities. No, I’m not a Scrooge. I love this time of the year. But our enemies, as mentioned, get in the way of generous giving. Culture, and maybe our families, make us think that we must spend a fortune on our loved ones. In the meantime, we may give, but is it as least as much as what we spend on our loved ones? For our children? Let me tie this to my holiday wish. Or to any donation requests. While none of us can give to many worthy causes, all of us can give something to one or more. Remember the story of the poor widow in the Bible, and her mites? And how Jesus commended her as being more generous than all the rich people who gave that day?

Fundraising is a challenge in a materialistic and consumer culture. So is the attitude of generous giving, out of gratitude for what God has given us.

Grant My Christmas Wish
Thrive-St. Louis

My cause is Thrive St. Louis. St. Louis, Missouri, is my home state. Thrive-St Louis is a network of pregnancy resource centers in the Greater St. Louis area. They also have a mobile medical unit, much like one of the “stork buses” that Save the Storks builds for registered pregnancy resource centers. Like pregnancy resource centers all over the U.S., Thrive-St. Louis provides their services to clients free of charge. These network of centers provide pregnancy tests and sexually-transmitted disease testing (STDs). Thrive-St. Louis offers has speakers talk to local schools about healthy sexual choices that avoid unwanted pregnancies and STDs. These centers give ultrasounds and referrals to outside services, including referrals to prolife doctors, adoption services, and parenting supports. Thrive-ST. Louis offer maternity clothes and baby clothes. Also, the provide diapers, toys, car seats, and more. Fathers aren’t forgotten; Thrive-St. Louis offers counseling to both moms and dads in crisis. Those with unresolved past abortions can safely seek forgiveness and restoration.

Grant My Christmas Wish
Neither Location or Size of Gift

Anyone can help give the gift of life. You don’t have to be wealthy, travel, or lobby Congress. Yes, we can be happy that we have pro-life lobbyists and those able to travel and can speak up for moms and babies. You may not live in st. Louis or anywhere in Missouri. Nor may you be from the state or have any connections there. If you fall outside of these categories, you can still visit my fundraising page and share it freely, using their many share options. Are you in St. Louis or in Missouri? Born there? Grew up there? Got connections there? I hope that you’ll seriously consider making a generous gift. Your gift will help moms be given all they need to choose life for their babies. Your sharing will help save the lives of babies. Giving rescues babies from becoming abortion statistics. And if you can’t give? You can still help moms and save babies. Visit the fundraising page Use their numerous share services. Share far and wide, with all your social networks. There’s no valid
excuse to say “I can’t do any thing!”

Visit this fundraising page. Give any amount you feel moved to give. Not in or from St. Louis? Have no connections? SHARE my fundraising page!

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Grant My Christmas Wish

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