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Victory 4 the Unborn, Defeat 4 the Born?

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Victory 4 the Unborn, Defeat 4 the Born?
Photo of Sen. Jeff Sessions

Victory 4 the unborn! Defeat 4 the born?
The babies have won today!

We’ve scored a prolife victory!

Racism has come to the White House!

What kind of country do we live in?

What does this say to our daughters?

Victory 4 the Unborn, Defeat 4 the Born?
Smooth Transition of Power?

Donald Trump’s unexpected win is seen as a pro-life victory. “Now the babies have a voice!” “We can get Planned Parenthood defunded!” Currently, the President-Elect is considering people for Cabinet positions. So far, those he has officially appointed are far-right conservative. This probably extends to their view on abortion. But if you recognize that neither of the major political parties respects the sanctity of all
human life, don’t we need the input of both parties? I know many people see one party as “all good” and the other party as “all evil.” But life doesn’t work like this. Yes, there is a real chance that the law may protect babies. Maybe religious liberty will be upheld. Hillary Clinton may have lost the Electoral College, but she has won the popular vote. By well over a million votes. This means that half the country don’t see this as a victory. What about our lives? they are crying. And Cabinet picks like Sen. Jeff Sessions don’t reassure many minorities and people of color. Yes, Sessions may have a pro-life voting record, according to Lifenews.com. But does this make up for the controversies about him?

Victory 4 the Unborn, Defeat 4 the Born?
Pro-Life or Anti-Abortion Appointments?

Conservative politicians often are called pro-life. When someone says, “Vote pro-life!” this usually means to vote Republican. This is the same for “Vote Christian.” That translates to voting for conservatives. I’m one who has lived all my life in a family of Democrats. Though I disagree with Dems on some core issues like abortion, euthanasia, and same-sex marriage, I agree with Dems on other issues. The Bible speaks to many social justice issues like poverty, racism, income inequality, discrimination, and more. Democrats address these issues. Republicans usually ignore them. So is Trump and are his Cabinet selections (so far) pro-life or just anti-abortion? Those among the three that have been formally appointed, are controversy. They stir up this controversy because of their reputations for racism and/or sexism. Misogyny is another biggie. I know that no one is perfect. Only Jesus, the God-Man, lived a perfect human life. Aside from that, we should expect our politicians to avoid major character flaws. Is being anti-abortion but racist truly pro-life? How about anti-abortion but misogynistic or sexist? Is that truly pro-life?

Victory 4 the Unborn, Defeat 4 the Born?
Happiness and Glee for Some, Sorrow and Fear for Others

We all remember Tuesday, November 8, 2016. What we we doing. Where we were. How we felt. To me, it’s safe to assume these things for an historic event like this. Those of us who identify as “far right,” or conservative probably felt happy delight at the results. Now we may get PLanned Parenthood defunded! Babies will be saved from abortion! If we wanted change or just detested Hillary Clinton, we were elated at the results. But this is just one half of the U.S.. What about those of us who were “NeverTrump” but are still prolife and/or Christian? Those who identify as liberal or Democrat? What about minorities or those with disabilities? Again, the majority of this other half of the U.S. is reacting quite differently. Many amongst us are heartbroken, concerned, angry, even scared. How can a man who insulted and demeaned us win the White House? How can he pick Cabinet members who may not protect us? Will this man get us all killed? Will I, as an “illegal alien,” be sent back to my country? Get spit up from my loved ones? Can we be happy about a victory for the unborn if it poses defeat for many born people? How should we respond to all the protests against the President-Elect and some of his Cabinet picks?

Victory 4 the Unborn, Defeat 4 the Born?
Work 2 End Abortion; Reach Out to the Others

So how should we respond to all this? This controversial President-Elect brings up strong emotions in most of us. So do some of his Cabinet choices or considerations. If you’re one who is distraught at the thought of a Trump Presidency, you can get perspective by realizing that God is in control. And Trump cannot do everything his heart may desire to do. He has to go through Congress, which consists of Democrats and Republicans who may give him pushback. Though it’s hard to do, we have no choice to accept that Donald Trump has legitimately won the White House under the current Electoral College system. Now we need to pray for him and all the more because soon he’ll hold our lives in his hands. If you’re one who is happy with the results, don’t gloat or denigrate those who are upset. Don’t dismiss them as “crybabies,” “whiners,” or “sore losers.” Consider that they value issues that matter to God, too. And which Jesus addressed. Such as poverty and discrimination. They truly fear a idea of a Trump Presidency. Let’s keep pressuring Trump to keep his promises to protect the unborn. To defund Planned Parenthood. To safeguard religious liberties.

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Victory 4 the UNborn, Defeat 4 the Born?

The above photo is by Gage Skidmore and is licensed under CC-BY SA 2.0.

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