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Addressing Abortion N Election’s Aftermath

Addressing Abortion N Election's Aftermath

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Addressing Abortion N Election's Aftermath
Prolife eme

We have a new President-Elect.

America has spoken.

And we got a President-elect who has made prolife promises.

How should we respond?

Addressing Abortion N Election’s Aftermath
As They Transition Power

The election is over. President-Elect Donald Trump is busily planning his transition team. Trump is the most inexperienced person ever to rise to his position. (Actually, according to CNN, President Eisenhower was also a political novice upon his win). So Trump’s learning the ropes. Already, he’s setting his agenda. He’s having to make adjustments and tweaks. Many are protesting his Presidency. We’re as divided as ever (a topic for another blog on my other site). This divide cuts along partisan and racial lines. In the face of their sweeping, devastating loss, Democrats are deeply divided. More than the winning party.

Addressing Abortion N Election’s Aftermath
Pro-Life Response

In the pro-life community, we may think we have it made. Didn’t Trump say all his appointees would be prolife? And the judges? One Party has the White House. And they hold the control of the Senate and the House. Yes, most of them may be pro-life. We may think that we can relax. After all, it’s their job to protect the babies? Don’t most of them claim a desire to protect the unborn? Realistically, even when our leaders are on the same page as we, don’t assume things. After January 2017, they’ll face pressures from all sides. The pro-choice, pro-abortion lobby won’t rest, believe me. Neither should our side.

Addressing Abortion N Election’s Aftermath
Defund, Re-Allocate, Fund

Candidate Trump had promised to defund Planned Parenthood (PP). He expressed willingness to pass a number of pro-life measures. I know that this has won him the support of the prolife community. Remember, Trump has exhibited the tendency to change his mind on positions during his campaign. He has broken promises over the past year. One huge example is the promise to release his income tax returns, which he has never done. So how can we take for granted that he’ll defund Planned Parenthood? How can we assume that he’ll pass those prolife laws? We can’t.

Addressing Abortion N Election’s Aftermath
A New President

But after January 20, 2017, we can and should held then-President Trump to do what he promised: Strip PP of federal Funds. Let’s insist that he then re-allocate those funds to the estimated 13,000 community health clinics. Defunding isn’t enough without funding alternatives. Because of the separation between church and state, pregnancy resource centers can’t receive federal funds. But public health clinics can. The opposition are convinced that we are really “pro-birth.” So much more needs to be done than defunding PP.

Addressing Abortion N Election’s Aftermath
Help Moms, Save Babies

Defunding Planned Parenthood (PP) is a start. Only a start. Alone, this won’t win pro-abortion individuals. Right or wrong, a defunding, alone, will send the message: “Life starts at conception and ends at birth.” Now we don’t want to do that. Hearts must be changed! These hearts won’t soften if we just strip them of “abortion rights.” We must pressure a prolife Congress and a Then-President Trump to fund alternatives. How about adding a new alternative?

Addressing Abortion N Election’s Aftermath
The Change We Seek

We’re getting a change agent in the White House in a few months. So let’s consider two-year foster care as an option to replace PP “services.” All we can do is appeal and persuade. Women need better choices. They see us as “anti-choice.” That has to stop. With a new option, they can grasp that we don’t want to deny them choices. They need better choices. Abortion doesn’t serve women. None of this will happen unless we turn up the heat on our leaders. Hold their feet to the fire. Insist that we don’t want abortions!

Addressing Abortion N Election’s Aftermath
Keep Circulating the Petition

Most of don’t have lobbying power. We don’t have the finances or time to travel. To speak to politicians in person. Some in the prolife movement can. But we can’t rely totally on them to do all our work. All of us can pitch in and help on different levels. Over a year ago, I began a petition. It calls for Planned Parenthood to be defunded. This campaign goes farther. My petition calls for funding alternatives and better laws.
Let’s keep fighting the supply of abortions. Of course. Also pursue the demand of abortion-vulnerable women for support that doesn’t involve abortion. Many of you have signed this petition. But it needs to be freely shared. I can’t do it alone! In fact, you could grant my holiday wish by massively sharing the petition with your prolife contacts. Now it’s addressed to President Obama but in months, it’ll have to be updated. In the meantime, let’s keep it growing!

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Addressing Abortion N Election's Aftermath

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