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Open Letter 2 Donald Trump

Open Letter 2 Donald Trump

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Open Letter 2 Donald Trump
Donald Trump in 2011

Hello, Donald J. Trump:

In only a matter of days, most of us will be casting our votes. I know that both you and your opponent, Sec. Hillary Clinton, are vying frantically for that place that we call the White House. Unless breaking news makes headlines, I see and hear from you constantly.

Open Letter 2 Donald Trump
Your Current Situation

Things all began with you made that trip, riding down the escalator. With your family. On TV, they show that footage often! Those people you call “the dishonest, crooked” media love to show that footage when they mention how your one-of-a-kind campaign began. In earlier years, I remember how there was talk of you running for the White House. Many of us just laughed. I did! None of us is laughing now. You are the first Presidential candidate in recent history who hasn’t released your income tax returns. Reports indicate that you have ties all over the world. No, lots of us are worried, scared, or at least concerned.

Open Letter 2 Donald Trump
State of the Republican Party

None of your fellow Republicans are actively campaigning for you. Only your running mate, Mike Pence, appears with you on the trail. This is rather sad. Your Republican Party is divided. Over you. The Ohio Governor, John Kasich, wouldn’t even attend your nomination in his home state. He, along with many other Republican leaders, have said they won’t vote for you. A number are even voting for “crooked Hillary,” as you often call your opponent. Only a few newspapers have endorsed you. Most of them have endorsed your opponent, even some GOP newspapers. Most of us have never seen anything like this in modern American history. Mr. Trump, what is going on?!

Open Letter to Donald Trump
You Are A Change Agent!

Yes, you are a change agent. You’re tough. You’ve got impact. One thing you aren’t is boring. We have never heard anyone talk like you. You and your supporters like to declare, “I’m not a polished, scripted politician,” “I’m not politically correct,” and “I speak the language of the people.” There’s nothing wrong with any of these things. You rail at the “Establishment Republicans” you label “crooked and stupid.” You promise that you’ll “shake up Washington” and “make America great again.” Mr. Trump, there’s no question that you have good qualities. We don’t know what’s in your heart any more than anyone’s. Only God does. Political correctness isn’t a virtue, but neither is its opposite. It all depends on the situation.

Open Letter 2 Donald Trump
Bullying Your Way 2 the White House?

But what about crossing lines no decent person crosses? Never have we heard a Presidential candidate revile Mexicans as “rapists,” call illegals “criminals” or mock a reporter with disabilities. Never have we heard a candidate encourage violence at his rallies and then say, “Don’t worry, I’ll pay your legal fees.” Never have we heard a candidate call women “pigs” and brag about sexual assault in a leaked video. And we have caught you in one lie after another! Above all, never has the bar been set so low for anyone running for political office. Mr. Trump, you have changed the face of politics. But for what?

Open Letter to Donald Trump
You’re Prolife for Babies; What about for the Rest of Us?

I have to commend you for your stance on abortion. At the third debate, you did well in denouncing late-term abortion. You described, in graphic terms, what a baby faces in a late-term abortion. More power to you! Mr. Trump, I say “I have” because I’m still unsure that you’ll keep your promises about even that. Actually, you would have been more effective if you had added: “Yes, I know that women who face unplanned pregnancies have to make tough decisions. We plan to provide them with compassionate, real choices and alternatives. Abortion doesn’t serve women.” Then you would have nailed it. I know that Christians and the pro-life movement, in general, are supporting you. This saddens and even angers me because of the many things you’ve said to demean women, non-whites, most of your primary opponents, and anyone who disagrees with you. It’s great that you’re pro-life about the unborn.

Open Letter 2 Donald Trump
Be Consistently Prolife!

But it doesn’t compensate for all you’ve said and done. You should want to protect the unborn. I agree with you on abortion. Except with your rape and incest “exceptions.” But what about your many unPresidential words and acts? Some which can put our national security at risk? Past and present. Recently, 12 women have accused you of sexual assault or attempted assault. A tape has surfaced where you brag about your sexual conquests. Worse than all these things, you seldom take responsibility for your actions. But many of your fellow Republicans may be just as guilty because they have failed to stand up to you. Many of your supporters may be just as guilty because they know better. Yet they stand with you because they’ve been told, “You must vote for the lesser of two evils.” Many are “holding their noses” to vote for you. They want to protect the unborn with their votes. These voters believe you’ll protect their religious liberties. Yes, this is the truth. I’m sorry that truth so often hurts.

Both you and your opponent, Hillary Clinton, have given us voters a tough moral dilemma. Neither of you is consistently prolife.

Open Letter t2 Donald Trump
Significance Can’t Be Found in Success

Mr. Trump, none of us has any cause to look down at you. Nor do we have any right to sneer at “crooked Hillary.” As you like to call her. For all of us have sinned against God. You’re just as symptom of what is wrong with us. Just as your opponent is. Your popularity says as much about us as it does about you. What is in you is also in each of us! Your candidacy has brought out what what has been in many of us all along. Racism. Misogyny. Zenophobia. Islmamophobia. Paranoia. Rage. Without a society soaked with these evils, you wouldn’t have been able to inflame anything. But this has happened!

Open Letter 2 Donald Trump
An Appeal 2 You

Whether you win or lose, Mr. Trump, I hope and pray that you’ll turn from your sins and turn to God. Produce a life that shows you’re truly a prolife Christian. We can tell that you’re seeking significance through the adoring supporters at your rallies. Others who’ve known you well have said that you’ve used your business ventures to fill up a sense of emptiness and longing for love. These things can’t be found in worldly success. You may be a success in a worldly sense. You may have all kinds of products in your name. Millions of people may “like” you on Facebook and “follow” you on Twitter. You may have millions or billions in the bank. And you may have a huge, gorgeous home that can fill a whole neighborhood block.
But what good does it do to gain all these things and lose your soul for which Jesus died?

The above photo is by Gage Skidmore and is licensed under Creative Commons BY Share-Alike 2.0

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Open Letter 2 Donald Trump

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Readers Comments (2)

  1. This isn't a letter, this is just showing your sheer bias against Trump! Yes I read your open letter to Hillary too, and you practically praised her compared to what your thoughts of Trump are. I am praying for you, because if you are truly pro-life and are looking for an end to abortion you are currently not showing it! The research you have claimed to do on him, is obviously coming from what you have read from media sites who have been so forthright in telling the truth thus far (hope you sensed the sarcasm).

  2. Hello, Anonymous:

    Thank you for sharing this with me. I wonder if you have have really read this post, as well as the open letter to Hillary Clinton. If you really read that post, you would have seen how I soundly criticized her for her stance on abortion, and her disregard for unborn humans! And yes, I'm not voting for her. But I choose not to support her opponent either. The fact that you left your name out of your comment, which shows YOUR bias, shows that you lack the courage to oppose me openly. Everything I post is motivated from pure love for you, my readers, as well as for those to whom I direct these "open letters." I'm all about speaking truth in love. Too bad you can't see that. And you have no more right to judge me or my motives any more than I do to judge yours. Peace.


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